Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Modern Times

I must say, when you live in Israel, life doesn't give you a second to take a breath. Things are continually changing. Bickering is constantly heard over various political problems throughout the town. There is a common saying that you would hear within moments of entering in to the language. It is this...

"If you ask 2 Jews a question, you'll come out with three opinions."

Which, up until this point has proved very true if not a erring on the conservative side. Here, everyone has there opinions on everything. Living with two Arab roommates has really opened my eyes to another world of opinions that I never have thought of. Between what a Jewish person tells you and what an Arab person tells you, you feel like truth is impossible to find. There stories are all drastically different. But, the more you talk, the more you find that the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. No one is fully right, and no one is fully wrong. I would go more in depth but I don't think many people would be interested in reading a political blog.

Besides saving the world, I recently completed my final essay for my college transfer applications. That's 13 in the last month. I am definitely sick of writing... or at least writing essays ;-) It will be exciting to see what comes of it. The prospects are...

1) USC (Double Major - Film & Television, International Relations)

2) UCLA (Double Major - Film & Television, Judaic Studies)

3) Stanford (Major- International Relations, w/ a basis of 5 languages)

4) University of Washington (Major - Undecided.)

5) Hebrew University of Jerusalem? ;-) (Double Major - Biblical Studies & International Relations)

That's the gist of it all so far. My preferred place of colleging myself ;-) would be at Stanford or USC. Still am undecided which. I'll save the ideas I have for why I chose those degrees later. ;-)

So I must elaborate on a fantastic excursion that I took yesterday. I made SOUP! Tomato basil to be exact. I've made it many times in the states but oh was it an adventure in Israel. Fast forwarding to after the mayhem of buying groceries in another language, I found myself in our kitchen with sliced tomatoes ready to go in the oven. Oven?! WE DONT HAVE AN OVEN. crap. haha But just when all hope was lost, I decided I would try something. So I made a fake oven. I put the stove on low heat and combined two pots (one upside down on top of the other) so that I could attempt to roast some tomatoes.

I cant describe to you how well it worked. It was amazing. I almost liked it better. And it seemed to go faster as well. hmmmmm. Anyways, now my dorm has deemed our apartment as the Food Network room so I'm sure I'll be cooking a lot more in the future. ;-)

Tomorrow I have another test. I got a 90% on my first test which I thought was a joke. Literally, I have NOOOO idea how that happened.

Anyways, take some time to concentrate on God. He shouldn't be part of your day, He should be everything that your day is about. I'm going to have Shabat in Beer-Sheva this weekend with my family. I'm really excited but more importantly, I'm thrilled to be having Shabat in the desert. Such a desolate place. Yet still God is found.

shevooah tov! (have a good week!)



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