Sunday, January 27, 2013

testing... one. two. six?...

The test. Wow. That was crazy. An entire test in symbols that didn't mean anything to me 4 months ago. Such a crazy feeling. Basically if you want to know what a hebrew test looks like... its like this.

...האישה עוהבת

1) לחמ

2) עת האיש


Something along those lines... haha. Good Luck. Anyways, I'm super tired from today; but I thought Id share a little something with you all. It's a storyline of a movie I am supposedly making... That is, if I make it in to USC. Yes, this would be me sharing with you part of my USC application. Where I had to write a storyline for a Feature Film that I might make if accepted. Here she goes... ;-) Enjoy.

Feature-Length Movie (Non-Fiction)

A true story of the life of Etoile Hazan.
            Her name is Etoile, Estrella, or Starr. In whatever language you want it, for 60 years her name has always depicted the lights of the heavens. But beyond this Jewish woman’s name, there is hardly a thing about her that has remained the same. In fact, even her Jewish background was only revealed months ago.
            The story begins with the 2nd oldest child of 11 growing up in Casablanca, Morocco during WWII. At that time, she was Jewish. She was 18 years old and beauty was so evidently found on her that it wasn’t necessary to be commented on. But as Hitlers tribes moved closer and closer, eventually reaching Morocco, Etoile was forced to leave her country, alone, to go to America. Lying about her age and eventually lying about her Jewish heritage, she said goodbye to her mother from the ship that day never to see her again.
            But who hasn’t heard of a compelling Jewish tale involving the Holocaust. That is why this story would focus on the second half more so than the first. As Etoile becomes a citizen, accidentally marries a German man, and drifts farther and farther away from her family, her Jewish life became a thing of the past.  Child after child, her family grew to a total of 7. By the time Etoile thought about her previous life she had lost almost any connection with the people she one called family. One single thread connected her with them-an address of one of the 11 brothers and sisters who now lived in France. But all too soon that thread was cut.
            Fifty-five years later, thousands of attempts to bury the truth. Telling her children that she was Catholic while never going to church. The daughter of Etoile searched all through France and found the long lost sister. From there, picture by picture, word by word, the truth was not only revealed to Etoile’s daughter, but to the entire family in the U.S, including Etoile’s husband. But even more startling news, the rest of her family had now immigrated to Israel, revealing the Jewish heritage and 109 relatives never to have been heard of by Etoile’s children.
            But change didn’t stop there, on his deathbed, Etoile’s husband demanded that she would return. But as the woman who was terrified of airplanes heard news of the attack of the World Trade Center in 2001, the plans immediately were put off. Twelve years later the day finally came. Etoile goes to Israel! And after 60 years of denying her heritage, she has let it all come out… or has she?
            This is the story of a Jewish woman and her secrets. Discover the answers to questions like: when was she really born, why was she given a body guard at age 10, and most importantly, why she had a Nazi uniform in her basement for 30 years. The life of Etoile isn’t just a story; it is a mystery that only time has been able to reveal.



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