Sunday, February 3, 2013

When life gives you Israel.

I've decided that life here is almost impossible to write about. Besides the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, Israel is on dog the most religious, most debated, most culturally populated area in the world. To try to describe it from any viewpoint would be inadequate.
Everything in Israel has meaning. Be it to me, or you, or someone else. Everything has an explanation... Or two.
I got a little history on my school today. It was set up after persecution towards Jewish students in Europe forced them to form their own university... In the early 1900s. And even more interesting. Guess who was the primary first math teacher.
Albert Einstein. Yes he was Jewish. Literally the buildings are not named after Einstein out of acknowledgement of his genius, but because he literally was the man who started the math program here.
This school also has 2 campuses. But not due to expansion. During the mid 1900, when half of Jerusalem belonged to Jordan, the university was on the Jordan side, unfortunately causing the Jews to have to immediately create another campus. This change in power did not however cause the Jews to lose the university. It was literally like a Jewish Island in the middle of The Jordan territory.
Anyways. It was quite a fascinating day as we finished class discussing grammar on the lawn next to the university's giant outdoor theatre. It was spectacular.
I really need to start writing on here more. There is just so much to say. Although, I did find a very unusual friend today. Her name is becka. She speaks Spanish. Has a Jewish father but was raised Christian. Is in Israel to learn Hebrew. And has an convincing interest in helping orphan children in other countries. It is good to know there are other crazy people like me out there. Haha
Anyways, here's some pics from today that should hopefully entertain you better than my writing. :-)

The view from my university. That's the dome of the rock in the background!

I made homemade mac and cheese with broccoli and tomatoes... Sooo good.

Chocolate soufflé for desert!

Typical singing bakers in Israel.

Friends and I in the park playing music. Minus those actually playing the music;-)

Other viewpoint of my university!:-)

Beautiful Amphitheatre at my school (mt of olives on right. Dead Sea in the far distance as well as Jordan)

If you could read Hebrew you would know that this building is named after Einstein. It also has the pythagoreans proof depicted above. So incredible.

I'm a soldier now! Haha pictures from going to beer sheva this weekend!:-)

My aunt from Iraq! :-0

Cousin Liel. Seriously one of the coolest guys I know.

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