Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just wait and see...

Tomorrow begins the new chapter in my life. THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY!!!

I'm still not quite sure what to think. I am really excited to finally get a try at the "dorm" life of a college student. The only weird thing will be, everyone else is going to be at least 4 years older:-/ haha

Israelis don't go to college until after they serve their mandatory time in national defense. And all of the foreigners coming will all be completely their graduate programs!!!! :-/ ufff! Haha oh well. Another chance to have my comfort zone completely destroyed. I'm starting to like that feeling.

I'm just praying for discernment and that God would bring the right people around me to support me in who I am, and not what I should be. I mean, he answered that prayer in peru, and I'm pretty sure He can do it in Israel too... Considering it is his hometown;-)

I've been blessed to have stayed with the Lutz family this past week. It has been quite an adventure. I couldn't be more thankful for their receiving hearts and open arms.

Today is also a big day in Israel.... ELECTION DAY! But the funny thing is, all of the news (okay not all of it) but about half of the news, is instead reporting on what's happening in America. It definitely is a sad and disgusting thing what happened today in Texas, but everyday that I am here, I see more and more why there are no crazy people running around taking life's for fun.

And it isn't because people do or do not have guns. But, interesting fact: the soldiers (my age and even younger) walk all over town holding semi-automatics, pistols,, etc... It's really frightening. And yet, there's never any disrupt like in America.

So to fight about guns or no guns for me is a useless battle. The battle that needs to be fought and should have long ago was the battle for morals within the American youth. But not only moral, the battle to get our country back at looking at there God.

Even the "rebel" Jews here that have cut their sideburns hair or don't wear their kippas still have a fear of The Lord within them. They still are called to celebrate sabbath with the rest of the country.

And I'm not saying it should be by force that we should instill Te fear of God in them... But by knowledge. There are sooooooo many youth today that simply don't know. You always here of people barely holding on from committing suicide by little things that others had said to encourage them. Does it bother you to think that any one of those killers was just lacking one single thought in his head that would have held him back from doing it? Idk, it makes me think a lot about things.

Please spread Gods Word. And if you don't believe in God, at least spread His teachings. Because one life saved is something almost everyone can agree on. You are a light to those around you. Don't you ever ever ever ever ever forget that.


לוק (Luke)

We watched Fiddler on the roof tonight. The Jewishness of it all makes so much more sense now;-)

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