Sunday, January 20, 2013

Everyday life of a nomad. ;-)

Hello friends.

So today, while being slightly less eventful than normal still proved to have all the wonders of what you would expect from a foreign country... Beautiful sights, street beggars, and most importantly... BAKED GOODS!

Today I toured the city, by foot. I walked to the Old City where I saw the only remaining part of the wall where King DAVID used to reign. It was incredible. And to think that there were people living almost on every side of it. Can you imagine reading about King David's temple in the Bible, while looking out your window at the very stones it is talking about. Literally, ridiculous. Those stones are from 1000 BC! Wow.

From there I went to my Aunt Ronite's work (the courthouse) where she paraded me around like the gringo I was making sure even the security guards knew that I was HER nephew;-) she's so awesome.

The weather continues to get more and more beautiful. Jerusalem is starting to unveil its layers to me. Everyday I am less of a tourist, and I like that feeling. But as for know I will continue to search and discover everything I can about this breathtaking city.

Chocolate soufflés in the market (machnay yehuda). Definitely worth the price of a plane ticket to get one.

The beauty of an Israeli market. Space!!!

Sometimes, you just feel like you're in a movie.

Walking towards the Western Wall.


לוק (Luke)

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