Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little old me...

Quite an interesting few days (without internet) it has been... challenging. Great word. Could me bad, could mean good. Maybe it means both. Let's conquer a few things.

I'm in the University Ulpan now. It is incredible. I guess I was actually put into level 5 Hebrew where they only speak Hebrew in the class. I evidently didn't know how much I knew. Its crazy. But "Leat Leat" (little by little) just like in Peru. To show you how crazy that is... I've been massive studying hebrew for about a month, I studied Spanish 2 years before I was placed in an "only spanish class." Does that prove that my study habits are better than what a University would give me?... hmmm. just proof that a degree doesn't always mean everything. Nevertheless, my teacher is awesome. I love class. Except for the fact that I have a test on over 120 pages of Hebrew grammar tomorrow;-/ That almost put a damper on it. haha

I'm kind of up in the air right now with my living situation. Still not sure why God put me in such an immoral living situation. Think college, then think college on drugs... considering all of these students are international, living in the same place. My hope is to find an apartment with another sane student soon. It is almost as if you can feel the "darkness" of this place and the immorality that goes on creeping around you. I just can't determine or come to a conclusion of how I could help here. It was like the feeling of going to Skid Row in Los Angeles when I was a sophomore. I felt so helpless. It all felt... dead.

But God is faithful. He gave me Sabbath. I went to my aunts and again had no internet, no nothing. I think God is really opening my eyes to how completely lost the world is. How completely lost I am, and how much I need Him. I will be saying that for the rest of my life.

Although, God is helping me define who I am very often by showing me who I am not.

God wants to be glorified! It is definitely in times like these that I truly see that my joy is from Him. My knowledge is from Him.

On the brighter note, God continues to handle the confusion. The theological mess many say will happen to you if you stay here seems to have yet to even catch me. Everything that I have seen and learned here has 1) Strengthened my Awe for the Lord and 2) Show me EXACTLY what it meant when Jesus died on the cross. Please, come to Israel. Find out for yourself. Don't be afraid. I can't tell you how real God has made it to me here that IF YOU WILL SEEK TRUTH, YOU WILL FIND IT.


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