Tuesday, June 12, 2012

were in the jungle!!!

first off... nina and martine say hello!


Its so crazy. After a few hiccups in our scheduling and a few other things, we finally made it to Iquitos... or the deep jungle. It is quite an experience being in the middle of the jungle staying in a shack, speaking spanish with my sister, listening to the crickets through the net screens protecting us from the invading insects. We went on a small night boat trip in the amazon today and found ourselves watching fireflies zooming across the river and vampire bats swarming as the tried to add the "scary" factor to the deep jungle. For me, the fright might have worked but it wasn't because of the bats...our guide was trying to make his own jungle animal sounds and along with his broken singing in english it made for a very adventurous journey.

As we returned to our bungalow we were greeted by lizards, chickens and all sorts of jungles sounds. Including more vampire bats swooping down trying to drink from the pool in our jungle hangout.

I'll let you all know how it all goes, for now, enjoy a few pics;-)
The Arrival

Camille and here first taste of the bubble gum Inca Kola.

Getting on the plane to leave;-)
Welcome to the Amazon!

Incredible Sunsets.

Going to the lodge.

Want some;-) some were still moving;-)

The natives.


Our Group.

Camille trying Lomo Saltado.

We'll see yall soon;-)




  1. So happy for your Camille to get to spend this time with Luke. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! I know you will, your with Luke, :-)

  2. Now this sounds fun and adventurous!!! :) have an awesome time you two! :)

    - Chris

  3. sounds like you and camille are having fun and hope we can talk soon bro and glad all is well for you bro