Friday, June 8, 2012

worst mistake of my life... (forgot to take my camera) :-(

The commercial filming went INCREDIBLY!!! Wow, so I got there and there were a whole bunch of kids there from Lima and even some from Barcelona, Spain! It was really strange/exciting listening to the difference in dialects. I also received the biggest complement of my life that day... some one asked me if I was from SPAIN! Which for you guys might not mean to much, but for me (a kid learning spanish) it means the world! They actually thought I was from a Spanish speaking country... SOOOOOO COOOOL;-)

So the first cool thing was meeting the director. She happens to be the most famous director in all of Peru and not only that, but one of the best well known in all of South America. Her name is Claudia Llosa. She is best known for her movies such as "La Teta Asustada" as well as being the niece of well know Peruvian Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa. It was quite an honor showing up and realizing that SHE would be the one directing. And not only that, it was quite an honor seeing how gracefully, professionally, and KINDLY she treated her actors and fellow co-workers.

Beyond that we filmed a commercial from a tourist viewpoint (being that of a tourist from Spain). They showed various aspects. I was included in the scenes that were shot of all the food and the restaurant as well as the typical "night life" scene shot in Barranco. While many were filmed playing foosball and hanging out, I was one of the lucky ones choses to DANCE whilst being filmed. It was an experience I will never forget.

I obviously didn't know anyone so that already made it hard enough. But lets just saying being down here in Peru has made this gringo a lot less gringo and spontaneous dance inquires like that come on a regular basis. So there really was no crisis there.

The filming lasted from 730 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon. At least the filming for that day. They ended up paying me 30 dollars, which is a ton down here, and told me the next time I did it they would pay me 100. It was soooooo crazy.

Other than that I've been doing everything I can to keep myself from getting sad, crying, and thinking about the end of the exchange. It's just so difficult. These exchange students and Peruvians have shared in the hardest/craziest/most incredible times of my life. They know me now and who I am.

The only thing that gives me slight hope beside the fact that God always has an incredible plan waiting around the corner... is that you guys have been there with me all year long. That at least you have been able to get a glimpse of what it is that I have gone through down here, be it good or bad. I have a little under a month left here. Camille, my sister, gets here tomorrow. When she leaves I will have 2 weeks left.

Thank you for all your support. These next couple weeks are going to be some of the hardest in my life. But God is good. And I will thank Him that He ever gave me this opportunity.



P.S. Read this at an art store today. So perfect for Peru...

Orina feliz,                         (Urinate happy)
Orina contento,                  (Urinate Content)
Pero por favor,                   (But Please)
Orina adentro.                    (Urinate Inside)

so it's a lot funnier in spanish, especially if you are from Peru. If I haven't told you, it is very common to be enjoying your combi ride and just past by a man letting it all hang loose to go to the bathroom here in Peru. Usually it consists of peeing on a telephone pole, in a bush, on a government building wall. But the surprising part is, it isn't just the poor. I've seen up to men in suits and ties happily urinate on the side of the wall in the middle of town.... That's Peru for ya;-)

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