Friday, June 29, 2012

to let go.........

i think i've been kind of resenting coming on to here and writing blogs the last couple days. I know that with each blog I write means another day gone by... or two... or three. It is honestly heartbreaking. Walking through town having people cry on the spot (sometimes even yourself) because of the undenied fate that is heading your way.

Anyways, I will try to keep the last couple blogs post of my entire exchange somewhat happy and healthy for your brain to read. Nina made it home safely... to a land of strange reality. After her plane getting struck by lightning and having to land the flight early, after 4 more flights she made it home. Now in a world of english speakers again she tells me the headaches are as frequently received as when she was trying to learn spanish.

Yesterday was my goodbye party along with Martine and Aurelie. It was awesome (minus the fact that my salsa partner wasn't there-nina). I was greeted by friends that I had made throughout the year. Great friends. Some of them who know me better than I've permitted myself to be known in Quincy. And as I had my friends in Quincy do, many of my friends signed my book of letters. Writing words of encouragement, writing funny saying, drawing pictures. It funny to think that the last time people were writing in that book I didn't understand a word of spanish... and now spanish is half of what comes out of that book.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to return. I am just being stubborn about it. I think I might have given a little to much of myself to Peru. Which isn't a bad thing in the end... it just hurts. Tyti and Adele leave tomorrow. Not looking forward to that.

Heres a few pics to get me to stop writing my soap operas. Really between all the tears, there is still some fun things happening down here...;-)


Pictures aren't working. I'll work on it. Love you all.



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