Sunday, July 1, 2012

it's sinking in.

My parents gave me my goodbye present today. A peruvian soccer uniform (a real one) which costs a TON of money. I couldn't believe it when I reached in the bag and pulled it out. But what shocked me more was the joy I had receiving it.

After living in a 3rd world country for so long, combined with never buying clothes, and prices much more suited to my liking, receiving a gift as extravagant as this blew me away. Before my exchange I wouldn't have thought a second thing of it... but now, it's all I can think about.

Which gets me excited. In the midst of all the sadness in my life right now, I still am learning. Learning like I have been from the first day I got here. Language learning is one of the simplest things I have learned since coming here. But things like thankfulness, joy, patience...etc. are worth so much more and are the essencial things that I am taking from my exchange.

Which makes me feel a lot better about my year. Although I may feel like this hasn't been the best "spiritually fit" year of my life on the outside... it has been on the inside. I have learned so many great lessons here. One of them being learning to see the world closer to how the poor see it, with so many incredible opportunities to see the world down here.

I don't know. I had my last church service tonight. It was super sad. A few of my friends weren't even able to make it because they were sick. Leaving untied threads that must be worked out through the internet from now on. When will I come back? Who will be here? So many questions running through my mind.

My dad told me a great quote today "El que no toma riesgos, nunca crucera el rio."
                                                         ("He that doesn't take risks, will never cross the river.")

I'm on the other side of the river now. I took the risk in crossing it and finding myself in Peru... I just don't understand yet why it is I need to go back... (or at least so soon;-(  )

You know what... I just realized. I need to let my heart fall in love as much with God as I have with Peru. So much so that I will never ever ever even think about crossing back over the river.

hmmm... 4 days left. ;-(



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  1. Just DON'T LOOSE IT LUKE!!! Your experience was such a BLESSING and when you get back you'll get flooded with many things specially the busyness and fast speed of our country. Just hold on to EVERYTHING YOU HAVE LEARNED!!! And your compassion for the poor let it stay alive and God will use it here just as much in Peru. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR LETTING GOD CHANGE YOU AND WORK THRU THE EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE BUT GOD WILL USE YOU IN MIGHTY WAYS!!! AND I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH!! Love you Luke!