Monday, May 14, 2012

we should always give thanks. (Rachel)

I walked into a hospital very sad today.

I came out probably happier than I have been in my entire exchange.

Although the doctors don't know what is going on or even what was going on the rachels body it turns out she woke up last night and spoke! The convulsions stopped, her eyes opened, and she was (almost) rachel again.

When I went to the hospital today I hadn't heard about what happened last night. I was holding flowers to give to rachels real mom for a mother's day gift (considering rachel was obviously physically unable to do it.) I was expecting to find that sadness of a mother sitting by her daughter's bedside waiting endlessly for her daughter to wake up. But what I found was very different.

And it shocked me.

I walked in and saw Rachels eyes. I literally almost cried. Like a straight miracle had just happened. The last time I had seen her she was having convulsions in the IC rooms. She just smiled at me as I walked in.
Wow it felt so good. Knowing that she is going to be okay.

Rachel as of now still is very very weak. Hardly being able to eat. Not remembering the last three days. Hardly being able to talk. But we can be thankful for progress. And I think that's what God is teaching me from this situation. Although there may be tons of questions still unanswered. Although there may still be things going wrong. Although she still isn't fully healed.


Find out what that progress is in your life and hold on to it. Let it give you a spirit of thankfulness. And let that spirit guard your eyes from anything that has yet to be fixed in your life. Because the process is how we grow. Not the answers.




  1. Mmm such a good reminder :) I'm glad she is doing better! Praying for quick and complete healing!

  2. I am SO HAPPY to hear she is doing better, makes me feel blessed to hear. Praise God!! And your reminder is GREAT, THANKS LUKE!!! You're such a blessing!!!

  3. I'm a bit late in all this but glad to hear she's ok! But your reminder is great! The encrougaement for my day! Priscilla