Saturday, May 12, 2012

rachel update.

woke up this morning with bad news from nina. Rachel was still in the intensive care unit and still they had not come up with an answer. We weren't allowed to see her until 6 this evening. Her mom from Canada will be coming tomorrow at 9 at night.

The only help the doctors have been able to provide her so far has been draining her stomach and giving her anesthetic to keep her body from lashing out like it does when she is conscious. It is incredible hard to watch. Someone so normal, so close, can be changed in an instant like that..;-(

But there is good news... actually I would call it great.

Today at 6 we got a response from Rachel and not only that, but a response in Spanish. While still not being able to control herself they were able to manage a small conversation with her for a few moments before going back under. She said she didn't remember anything.

Later tonight they finally were able to tell us that the cause WAS from some type of virus, which they are still not sure of the type yet. This has allowed them to begin antibiotics and other processes to rid her system of it. Many are thinking it is yellow fever, especially since rachel never got the yellow fever shot. But we just don't know. The doctor said if all goes well she should be able to get out of intensive care tomorrow. Let's hope a mother can rejoin with her daughter again after 10 months at least in a regular hospital room, instead of the prison she is held in right now.

As for now we just need to wait and keep praying. Praying that whatever it is, God would continue to take it out of her system. Slowly she is coming back, but that's exactly what it is... slowly.

Today I was also able to share two wonderful birthdays! My best friend Victoria had her 18th bday today and Aurelie, Nina, and I made a cake for her. It was shaped like a crescent moon. ;-) The other birthday was that of the exchange student Carter from Florida... she turned 17;-) So happy birthday to them!!!!

Anyways, I'm super tired and need to be rested up for the grand day tomorrow. MOTHER'S DAY!!! I definitely have the best one out of all of you out there;-) haha. Don't forget to really cherish your mom's for those of you out there who are with them tomorrow. Because you could be me, stuck thousands of miles away without even the ability to say Happy Mother's Day. So mom, I love you... Happy Mothers Day. I realize that every single thing I was ever successful in was all halfway due to you. You not only told me I could do whatever I put my mind too... you believed it. You have believed in me every single day of my life. You have trusted me to a foreign country. Being a mother is hard, learning to see through what you want sometimes and just trust you child. But mom, you have far exceeded any bar anyone could have placed for you. I love you so much, and even though I may not be with you there today on this Mother's day... I KNOW that it will make ever mother's day to come that much more incredible.

Thank you for everything. In the words of a peruvian "Te pasaste" (you exceeded expectations). I love you.



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