Wednesday, May 16, 2012

take your bow quincy people;-)

i presented you all to my rotary tonight. ;-)

I made a video, and although not all of you were able to make it into the video your spirits are there. I had to do my presentation tonight about who am I and where I came from. A presentation I've been thinking about since before my exchange. Taking videos of my final drives to town. Of my last basketball game. Of my last track meet. Of the winter, summer, fall, and spring. Of all my friends. Of my family.

And I say that your spirit was there because no matter if your face was on or off the screen, these people in Peru tonight know about you. They know about you because through me being here, and now through my video, they too can feel the amazing support I have been given. And not only this year but throughout my entire life.

I had many people asking me how I could have possible done so much, but the answer only comes down to the fact that I never could have. Only with the help of God and the many incredible supportive friends/family member I have allowed me to do it. It was a bittersweet moment. Everyone being so excited to see a far off land where you don't have neighbors, where you can actually seen the ground in front of you while driving instead of another car, where there is SNOW! It was soo much fun. I would post it, but youtube doesn't allow videos longer than 10 minutes;-( bummer.

I just can't believe how divinely blessed I am to have you all in my life. Everything from my mom screaming behind the sports videos, to all of you guys in the backgrounds at Holly's concerts. It all showed that...

No matter where I go...
Or what I do...

No matter who I meet...
Or where I move...

No matter what language I speak...
Or what climate I am in.

I will always be able to carry on and do what I do because of all of you. God has blessed me with a beautiful town of Quincy and it's surroundings (wherever you may be) that has opened my life up to "Opportunites Unlimited." So thank you for allowing me to be proud of where I'm from.

Take your bow.



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  1. You should see if u can email it to me bro and I'm glad to hear all is well and also I just posted a new blog from the Ukraine