Monday, May 21, 2012

... thank you.

Holly, thanks for posting this... it was sooo good for me right now.

I don't know if you guys notice like I do, but WHAT singer out there that sits down and gives Bible lessons?! I am so completely and utterly stunned by Holly's continued strive towards the Lord and the things He has for me. It is sooooo encouraging to me and I thought it might be able to help encourage some of you guys as well. ;-) Enjoy. My sister's really got one of the best exchange student lessons nailed on the head;-)



P.S. Rachel had to take off yesterday. She returned to Canada. Evidently the insurance gives you 10 days to return to your country after an emergency like that. It was cool that she got a free ticket home, but very hard considering we had to say goodbye so fast. She was an awesome friend and will be very missed...;-(

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  1. Luke there is no such thing as good bye it's all see u later and that is something that I have learned with traveling all over the world and meeting so many diffrent people around the globe