Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meeting Mrs. Pizza Hut...almost;-)

So it happened. Okay, instead of 40 rotarians from texas it turned out to be around 25 today which was the first blessings. The second blessing came when I found out 2 of them spoke more or less some spanish. The third blessing came when I found out that they were AMAZING people. Literally just women with their husbands, all talking with their southern accents that I've always imitated, and talking about "Jeeesus (southern voice)." The fourth when I found out that one of them owns a business that only plays christian music in it and, well, my sister happens to sing christian music;-) That lady's taking some merch back with her;-) The fifth came when I realized that one of the lady's was an exact replica of my grandma Grigg. Sweet. Faithful in what she believe. And even had blonde short hair;-) The sixth would be when the rotary didn't stop telling me how grateful that I was there, and preceded to tell me (the ladys) that I was welcome to marry their daughters/granddaughters at any time. Very hysterical. The 7th would be when they gave me a flag from their club in Texas because they were so grateful for everything I'd done. The 8th was when they told me that I had definitely done an incredible job of being an ambassador to the U.S. The 9th came when one of the women bought me some fresh cold water (which I would never buy because of it's scarcity and price) when I was guiding them around town. And finally the 10th and most incredible blessing came at the end when one of the ladys pulled me and Big Mama (Belgium) aside and told us a little secret. "I just thought you kids would be excited to know that I... created the original thin crust pizza in Pizza Hut!!!!

I ALMOST DROPPED DEAD! I thought my english translator had gone haywire. This little lady had done something so incredible out of this world and she was right there in the room acting like she hadn't even done anything but be a good wife and mom all her life. ;-) Which is more than enough. ;-) But the best part was to think about the day that had gone by and all the hospitality I had seen come out of her. When we went to go donate part of the 600 wheelchairs that they had boughten, that lady, I remember, went around to every single person (even though she didn't know spanish) and gave them a hug, kiss, greeting. Even if the only thing she said was the only word she knows in spanish (bueno=good), she was still able to pour her heart out on to the people.

I still can't get it all out of my head. If only all rich people in the world knew how to bring themselves down to the level of the less fortunate... it would really do something. Anyways, I end the day with a headache. But not because of speaking in spanish this time. I have a headache from speaking my own language. From forgetting  simple words such a flag of donate, to just having a northern accent, I think I left those Texans wondering if I really do even speak English.

I was beginning to wonder myself ;-)

Anyways, goodnight to all. Have to get up early tomorrow to do the SAME THING AGAIN! But I'm so excited. Gotta take care of my little gringos;-)



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