Friday, April 20, 2012

seeing grandma in south america.

did i tell you that one of the americans from texas looks exactly like my Grandma Grigg?! It's so crazy. Almost makes me homesick. haha Here's a picture of her ;-)

Say hello to grandma grigg;-)
Today with the gringo;-) we went to the center of Lima where the "Plaza de Armas" is. Again I was the only exchange student who went so it was a bit difficult translating everything at times, but in the end people like "grandma grigg" always helped brighten the day when it was getting hard. haha. We went to see the changing of the guard like in Washington D.C. only this changing happens in front of the presidents house. And instead of standing outside the gate of the courtyard, we got to stand inside with some privileged French guests. It was an amazing experience.
 We also were able to enter the presidents house!!! It was definitely a cool experience with all the Americans but my camera died shortly after and that is where the pictures stopped;-(.

In the end of the day, we finished it out going to an indulging 5 star buffet restaurant where I ate the best array of peruvian food I have eaten. And as we were there astonished by the food, one of the men went to go out and look at the Ocean over the pier. The only problem is, when he looked out, he glasses jumping in the raging waves.

So, after going to the markets (and trying to keep all the gringos from getting completely cheated out of their money) I took the man to a doctors office where we got his prescription measured. They told us that we would need to pick the glasses up in another part of Lima (Jockey Plaza) which happens to be right in front of my house. That was definitely a blessing from God. So he's going blind for tonight and I will give them to him tomorrow.

I'm very much wiped out but re-energized at once. I feel like I am practicing my English, and completely failing, but practicing. ;-) I found out that there is a man in the group who goes to El Salvador every single year and has gone basically on the same Compassion trip that holly and I did a while back. And after getting back to my house after 14 hours of translating, my family and I bought cinnamon rolls to top of the long and hard day. It was a perfect end. ;-)

I love these texans. I've really felt adopted by them these past few days. It's a great friendship that I know no doubt will continue on into my future. ;-)



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