Tuesday, April 17, 2012

here comes the headache train.

so it all starts tomorrow. 40 gringos. 3 events. 1 English translator... that happens to be ME!!!! ;-( I'm super nervous.

So, there is a rotary coming down here to Peru and tomorrow is their big day of donating wheelchairs to the men of the peruvian army who have lost limbs while fighting the terrorism. And being that there are 11 students that speak english, you would think tomorrow there would be 11 students there to help. Which there will be, for the first event. Unfortunately (fortunately) for the second two events I will be left cold. I guess having my family here was just a warm up.

But the hardest part comes at night where I will be translating at a rotary conference. In front of all the rotarians from my club and other rotarians from france that are coming and all the gringo rotarians, I Luke Grigg, will be translating. From a task that would have been absolutely impossible 8 months ago to only seeming impossible right now in this moment. It will be a good moment to trust God for me but in the meantime I am still super nervous.

But to get my mind off that situation, I went to see TITANIC in 3D tonight. I'd never seen the movie so it was quite an experience. There was definitely a "surprise" in the middle of the movie that made me have to miss part of it, but other than that it was great. I went with some friend, including the new girl from Brazil.

Other than that, ate dinner with my family tonight, watch my dad almost successfully catch a rat in our house with just a broom handle, and managed to scramble up enough energy to write y'all before I get super busy again;-) haha.

love you guys. And I really appreciate all the support.

And to those of you who are in my Peruvian History class (my professor made me write my blog on the board so everyone could check it out today) I welcome you and hope that this blog can give you a glimpse of my life... and maybe even help you a bit with your english;-)



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