Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the beginning of the longest post of the year... (#2)

Here we are... Crocodile Island. This trip was literally the coolest thing that ever happened. Wish you could've all been on it with us.
Hey there little fella. ;-) The crocodiles originally were wild around the island, but after overhunting, they are now only being reproduced within the reserve. Trying to one day release them into the wild again.

Alina and her amazing camera abilities never cease to amaze me.

I felt like we were in The Lion King.

Poor little guy.

Again, Lion King.

Seriously... it was like too perfect.

looking at crocs.

martine likes to get in a picture whatever way she can...;-)

there were like 100 of them all in one cage.

seriously... 100. Can you imagine if you fell over the side. They said the only feed the crocs 1 chicken every 2 days;-0

hanging out behing some barb wire.

MEET THE EXCHANGE STUDENTS! (OR AT LEAST... THERE EYES;-) I swear you can see the personality of every one of them through just their eyeballs;-)
Adele. (France)

Nina "Nino" (Wisconsin)

Aurelie "Big Mama" (Belgium)

Martine (North Carolina)

Rachel (Canada)

Alina (Suiza)

Addie (Massachusetts)

Typhaine "Titi" (Belgium)

Matthieu (Belgium)


Mackenzie (Michigan)

Lydia (Missouri)

I spy nina;-)

The effects of humans on the environment. 

The three musketeers leaving the Island of the Crocodiles.

He was going for a walk.

That mast is made out of GARBAGE BAGS. Incredible.

Again, the birds swarmed like tornados.

The ugly duckling;-( or more likely most beautiful.


Heading back to town.

Looks like I was photoshopped haha

The end of the tour.

La Gringa = The Gringo (american) looks like they knew we were coming. ;-)

so cool;-)

the colors were so bright even on a foggy day.

trying to escape the rainstorm that was on its way. 

back in Tumbes, walking through the main plaza.

Alina and her camouflage poncho haha.

"I have pride being Peruvian and I am happy. Long live Peru"

Eating some cremoladas;-) Basically between a smoothie and and Shaved Ice cone;-)

The Incan God. ;-) This is the position the Incan Kings would hold their official drink "chicha" in front of the town before he drank it...


Welp... that's all for Tumbes. I'll start posting about Ecuador later tonight. Hope you guys are all doing well and LIVJNG life;-)



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