Monday, March 26, 2012

the beginning of the longest post of the year... (#1)

So here it is, my longest blogs I have ever written... or better yet, uploaded. Thankfully for you, I am sharing my trip through fotos. Yes that's right, over 200 of them... but lets just start with 36;-) Starting with Tumbes, a city in the North of Peru about an hour from the coast. It was incredibly beautiful. Filled with streets of children selling Chifles (banana chips) and walkways filled with rain searching for drainways it will never find. A city filled with streets of dirt and people who fight through the heat of 96 degrees fahrenheit and humidity the ENTIRE YEAR! And no, they don't have air conditioning. In a lonely planet book you will find that it is a "pit stop" that you SHOULD "overlook..." but I found it inspiring and incredible. Maybe the real Peru isn't interesting to tourists... but it is to me. 

So Welcomes to TUMBES... and the surrounding areas;-)
Arriving in Tumbes!;-) After 20 hours on the bus.

Poor little thing. Getting to our hostel.

The room service in Peru. Yes that is 8 bars of opened soap. All for 1 day;-)

Outside my window;-)

Again;-) Those little carts are how you get around here.;-)

Or there are combis;-)

The difference between Lima and anywhere else in Peru. 

Big mama getting ready for the first "SUPER HOT" tour. The North is like one big oven...

This guy should be on T.V. He held those fish there like a champ while 15 exchange students took 5 pictures each haha.

I would call that pretty fresh. Still moving on the ground;-)

Going to get on a boat for our first tour.

So amazing.

Here we go! 

Without words. Hundreds of them, like in a movie. It was stunning.

Trying not to tip the boat;-)


So fun. 


Best part, it didn't even smell fishy.

I love my friends. 

Look at that fishing net. They were equally amazed by our boatful of gringos.

The birds were hungry.

Me and Martine.

Chillin with Big Mama;-)

It's like the trip was made from a movie.


We saw Jesus in Tumbes;-) haha

I was beginning to wonder if I was in the amazon.

trying to appreciate one of our last trips together.

don't you just want to jump in.

the lady in this boat asked us to wave as she took like 100 pictures of us. Oh to be Gringo...

He's just hanging out.

Pretty cool...

Okay, so I like to show you that I was actually there alright. haha

I think we made it to neverland. 

Getting to our first Island stop....


Come back for more tomorrow as I continue this tremendous thing;-) haha



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