Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#3 ;-)


It was amazing. We were only there for a day but we got a TON done.;-) Starting off on a bus zig-zagging along the Western coast of Peru/Ecuador all night long, the big surprise came at the border. If you happen to know anything about South American border crossings, you would know that the Peruvian/Ecuadorian crossing is the most difficult... and most dangerous. We got there around 3 in the morning expecting easy clearance, but we were very wrong. ALL MINORS WERE TURNED DOWN. So, what do you do in the middle of the night when you know there are no buses going back 8 hours to Tumbes and your stuck at the border?... You fight/flirt/urge the immigrations officer to let you in. He was so stubborn. But after the rotary president gave up, the exchange students finally started jumping in to fight for their trip and in the end... victory was ours;-)

We made it to Ecuador marveling at the lack of Lima traffic and hoping we wouldn't all get robbed. We spent the day exploring the city and finding marketplaces for food and memories. And in the end when the rains started coming, we went to... THE IMAX! Haha, who would've thought that one of the only Imax theaters in South America would be exactly where we went. It was a super fun experience for everyone and we even met some gringas from a Christian Bible college in the U.S. 

Here's the trip.

Arriving in Ecuador!;-)

We went to a town called Guayaquil which is in the midwest coastline of Ecuador. It is said to be the most "developed" city in Ecuador... even more-so than the capital.

The Ecuadorian flag. 

Walking the streets like we know what we're doing.  Notice the safety precautions Aurelie is using that I once again forgot... (backpack in front of you instead of behind..;-)

The shore. It was a mixture of river water with sea water. (and a bit of trash)

super cool boat.

WE WENT ON A DOUBLE DECKER BUS TOUR. For a minute, I thought I was in England. 

Or at least a few of us went on the tour.

Overlooking part of the market. Turned out to be one of the best tours I have ever been on... and I've been on a lot this year. ;-)

Lydia and I.

The buildings even made you feel like you were in England.


A downtown street in Ecuador. I had actually gotten used to not seeing pavement in Lima. I forgot what traffic was like outside my country (peru)... cars actually move.

A train cart. Or at least the cool part of it.

This would be a stoplight. Also found in every other part of the world. But never quite so close;-)

Don't you love latin america. Building painted as if the people inside of them are actually happy. Because they are;-)

Another photo of me just letting you know I was actually there.

Cool lighthouse. This is where the town was started.

This hill reminds me of Queen Anne in Seattle. Only a million times better.

Big mama and I cruising through South America.


A random giant monkey statue they decided to put at the entrance to the downtown tunnel.

Nina... "I believe I can fly;-)"

We were so close, so I thought... why not take a picture even though the trip had nothing to do with airplanes.

The Canadian catching some sun.

I should by this car. It evidently is more special than all the others.

Trying to not get hit by the telephone wires that ran about 6 inches above our heads;-)

They had professional artists paint every single base to the overpasses with things that represented the Ecuadorian culture.

Nina and I.

Reminds me of Spokane.

Another incredible hill. Incredible sky. Incredible journey.

Taking a picture of the bus while I'm on top of it. ;-)

This dude was hanging out on the side of the building. Thought he was worthy of a picture.

The trees were sooo weird. Like Tarzan.

This house. Not much to say other than-cool.

It' normal. Just a baby girl walking by hundreds of iguanas. There are actually children out there who go to the park to ride a swing.

Leaving Ecuador on our way to the BEACH!

More tomorrow. Goodnight.


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