Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday;-)

Hello friends of thepassengersseat.;-) How have you all been? As you may have noticed I haven't been posting much lately... due to the fact that I am now in the University. I think I might be as much if not more busy than I was in the U.S. Partially due to the fact that I just really want to take advantage of the short time that I have left here. 

Today is palm sunday.... and the end of my fast. ;-) Got up super early this morning, at about half a jar of peanut butter (now that i can;-) and went to the Catholic church with my family to participate in the mass. We bought palm leaves twisted and shaped into crosses and things like that from a little girl;-( along the way. It was pretty amazing.

I think I'll share this with you all. On the fast, I think the biggest thing God taught me was consistency. Learning to use the bad in life for good. If we let a bad choice, a aggressive person, intimidation grab us and pull us under for a certain time... we are letting that bad take over us. But if we can change our mind the moment that it happens and say "I will choose to let this bring me closer to Christ..." 

We win.

We win joy, peace, patience... the fruit of the Spirit. We win because we let Him teach us the exact thing that should be harming us. And then in away you stop looking at bad experiences as a fallback. And you start looking at them like a way to progress. And hopefully, as you continue to grow... the bad experiences will begin to fade.

Life. It's not a blink from black to white. That would be too easy. But if we let ourselves get stuck in the struggles that come... we will never change. And that is where you find yourself pitying yourself, and not praising God. 

Don't let the struggle be a string that holds you back, but a slingshot that shoots you forward.

;-) Furthermore... enjoy some more picture from our trip to/from Ecuador...
On our way to the beach;-)

Kenz, at about 8:30 in the morning.

"Republic of Ecuador"

Walking to our house on the beach.

Going to find some food for breakfast;-)

The view from the top of the house;-)


This should be fake right? It wasn't

Getting ready to swim!!!

Kite flying is a beautiful thing.

As well as kite chasing;-)

It was a VERY private beach;-)

Epic foto #1

Lydia. ;-) 

Big mama running from a shark;-) jk

turning from gringos to peruvians.;-)

Martine found this eel. It's teeth were super sharp.


The exchange students had some followers;-)


The models.

We owned the beach.

Hanging with some of the coolest people in the world. (they just aren't in this picture... ;-) jk )

Nina and I pretending to be super buff body builders. ha yup.

The fisherman... The water is brown just in front because it was river water mixing with salt water.  It took a while to believe it but then we realized it was still super clean;-)

Getting ready to leave. ONE LAST SUNSET.

The final foto with the Frenchie and Mattheu

Interesting fact, when crossing back into Peru at the border it was raining... It was about 4 o'clock in the morning and we had to get our passports stamped. At the Ecuadorian border there were so many cockroaches in the bathrooms even the guys refused to go. They filled the sinks and toilets. At the peruvian crossing, there was 6 inches of water... IN THE BUILDING. Filled with mosquitos and who knows what, it was definitely a life remembering experience;-)



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