Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my four little (gringos) ducklings...;-)

soo... cuzco.

We made it. Leaving Lima at 2 in the morning, sleeping an hour on the plane, arriving, sleeping three hours in the hotel, and then... WE WERE OFF.

I will hold back from giving you worthless descriptions of the places we went to and start telling you some things tangible. For one, although it may be summer... CUZCO IS FREEZING!!! It was an amazing change from the heat of Lima. I think I actually shivered, maybe. ;-)

So my little gringo and I have been all over this beautiful valley carpeted with red roofs and children selling candy in the streets. The colors have seemed to come out of hiding since the last time I was here... maybe because it's summer? haha

I've had a great time with my family. From taking picture with llamas, to getting followed by the peruvian women asking for money, to even seeing a few mummies. The only thing they seem to be able to say is wow. (I told you that that was the first word in over 200 of my posts;-) My mom is just shocked from the pure poverty. Wanting to give money to every child she comes across in the street. Dad is completely amazed by my spanish and every couple minutes you can catch him using his Iphone to film me. Clark is almost on the point of tears, partially because the poverty reminds him of Africa and partially because he is "mr. social" in a world that doesn't speak his language. And finally Holly continues to take her delicate pictures of side walks, fences, and flowers more-so than actual peruvian monuments;-)

I just smile. And traslate it all. (no matter how many times i tell my mom, she still thinks those women speak english. ;-)

Anyways, beyond the amazingness of it all, my family is growing closer. I mean a lot closer. Being here in peru has taught me so much about communication. About truly caring about the other person. About asking the hard questions. About realizing that reproof is a good thing, if it is giving in a good way. And that the ones who tell you everything good, are not the ones who love you.

The people who love you will tell you if you have a booger in your nose (figurative;-).

For now, I will enjoy these last few days I have with them. TOMORROW IS MACHU PICCHU! Pray for good weather. ;-)



Christmas Picture 2012?

Listening to Holly Starr's new music in Peru!;-)
Clark, Carolina (host sister), and I racing four wheelers in the "forest" ;-)
Epic bike+epic country+gringo=fantastica photo
haha jk ;-)

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  1. Praise God that you are all down there growing closer together. Seeing truely seeing! Pray for you all! Love you all