Sunday, February 26, 2012


I had to say goodbye to Honore tonight.... ummm. I don't know what to say. Basically speechless here crying at the computer. I was doing pretty good too until Holly came by and said "it's okay to be sad luke." yup.

Honore was definitely HUGE in my life. She was the first glimpse of my exchange that I had in that Houston airport. I was sooo alone. I remember that day so well. Why has the time passed. Why did that have to happen so quickly.

Another page turned. More tears to fall.

I'm rejoicing though because of our amazing friendship. She taught me so much how to be myself... and not let a SINGLE person affect that. How to make decisions that aren't just good for other people... but that are good for me as well.

She was a stranger when I met her as I was all alone in that airport.

And now she is my best friend.

Honore had to go home due to some family issues back in the states. It is SOO HARD to see her go. She wasn't just an exchange student to me. She was like a sister. We were completely opposites, yet perfectly good friends.

Okay, I feel like I'm writing an obituary... (sry honore) haha so I'll stop. She'll be coming back to visit with her entire family in April though, so I will hold on to that.

For now, Honore, thank you for changing me. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for not judging me. Thank you for being an amazing sister, best friend, exchange student. Thank you for talking with me over all the ridiculous things we were going through. Thank you for teaching me consistency. How to live life on a road instead of a roller coaster. ;-)

Yes, this post is dedicated entirely to you Honore.

I love you like a sister. See you in April.



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