Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my exchange to peru #2...

So basically today was FILLED with translating. And let me tell you, it isn't easy. My brain has been SOO stuck in Spanish the last months that I continually find myself translating Spanish into... Spanish. The look on my moms face always gets me when the translation comes out and she still doesn't understand it. Clark just tries to pretend that he understands... it's great. Dad is still trying to learn, and still surprises me sometimes when someone says something and he gives a short response. It's awesome to see him trying. ;-) Holly, well, is busy taking photos the whole time because she is so fascinated by everything... and i mean everything. ;-) She even has been caught taking photos of THE SIDEWALK. Evidently it looks different here in Peru? haha

Anyways, today we went to Miraflores. Like gringo capital of Lima (or Peru for that matter). We were going to go parasailing but the wind was too strong today. ;-( But that didn't ruin it. We ended up finding this little smoothie shop where the owner spoke english and made the best smoothies you have ever tried. Holly is still drooling over the fresh strawberries, pineapple, and passion fruit that went into it;-) We then went to the "Park of Love" where you find many lovers laying on the ground guessing endlessly at what the clouds look like. All of this overlooking the soccer fields strewn along the beach up against the Pacific Ocean. It was spectacular.

We then went to a Belgian restaurant and met a friend. Followed my Peruvian market shopping. Holly went crazy and bought something in almost every shop we went in. But it was worth it. Its weird to me how she things 40 soles (about 12 dollars) is cheap for a sweatshirt made out of llama fur (and it is), but after living here for 7 months to me it seems EXTREMELY expensive. haha;-)

In the end, I was so tired we skipped pole vaulting for today and kicked back in my Peruvian home sleeping on the couches and eating unknown candies from Peru. We talked for hours about life, and who we have become. We talked about what we will be doing in the future. Mapping out our family's vision. And in the end, I brought my guitar down and Holly and I finally reunited in music. Like Nothing. Had Ever. Changed. It was the funnest thing I think I've done here. And then to spring on here the song "How He Love Us" that we sing in church... only this time in SPANISH. She was pretty excited. I showed her some new songs I wrote which she really encouraged me on. It was just like being back on the farm.

In the end we went to our Rotary meeting. The rotary had prepared Pisco Sour (the national Peruvian alcoholic drink) for the entire family. I think we all were a bit shocked and didn't know what to do. So, I ended up getting Clark and Holly out of it... considering they have never drank, and well, mom and dad did there best to respect the culture. They did a great job. ;-) Gringo in a latin land haha. Anyways, I had more opportunities to translate there as well. Each of my family members had to speak while I translated to the club. Holly almost made me cry as she started with "Luke, is my best friend." And clark ended with making everyone laugh with his jokes.

I found out tonight how many people really are watching me. How many people do love and care for me here in Peru. As I was translating their kind words to my parents, words about me and my character, I couldn't help but smile and thank God for allowing the people to see not only how God has worked through me, but through my family as well.

I love my family. I love Peru. I love speaking Spanish.

And I wouldn't trade these priceless opportunities for ANYTHING in the world.

God has confirmed to me that THIS is where I am supposed to be.



Holly and I reunited at last. 

Cool bike I found. ;-) Thought it was appropriate for an epic picture. ;-)

One of my favorite pictures of my entire life. #loveyoumom

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  1. Beautiful blog, love it!! Catching up today on your blogs. I can just feel your happiness!! Bless you Luke