Wednesday, February 22, 2012

at last.

how do i describe it? not going to even try but, lucky for you, i got it ALL on film... ;-) So you can be waiting a pretty good video here to come;-)


As I randomly screamed that through the streets like a gringo all day today, I couldn't help but maintain a continuous smile throughout the ENTIRE course of the day. People who didn't even know my family were telling me that I was just glowing today. ;-) It was so incredibly amazing to me reunited at last.

So here's how it went. Last night at 11 o'clock I went to the airport. ;-) I managed to completely crush some of my moms flowers because I was so excited on the car ride there. When I got to the airport, I almost entirely forgot that my host family was there at all. Running to the front door to look for my parents as if I was a little kid waiting for the ice cream man to come.

Unfortunately, the ice cream man came a little early that day. After furiously searching for my parents and seeing over and over again how the plane had arrive an hour early, I finally decided to go over to the front desk to ask about the flight. Upon walking, I saw them. Well, to be more specific, I saw Clark.

Automatically, it was if someone kicked on a treadmill under my feet and put it on full speed. Yes, I (a gringo) ran screaming in english (like a gringo) through an airport. Safe to say everyone was watching the unexpected surprise. And a surprise it was. I practically jumped on my mom. And after about 3 minutes, tears came out. I wasn't expecting that. I think it's safe to say that I love my family a little bit. I honestly think that is the first time I have ever cried tears of joy. It was INDESCRIBABLE.  And to think that I probably will never get to have that feeling again in my life, of returning to my family after so long.  ;-)

The night was filled with introducing them to things like Inca Kola (peruvian pop that smells like bubble gum) which Holly LOVED! We ate chicken in a very peruvian restaurant and a TON of french fries. Many many questions followed like "Is it okay to leave food on your plate in Peru?" "Why is there a bottle of mayonaise on the table next to the ketchup." "And why are ALL the buildings behind gated fences." Yes, I had a lot to explain.

Not only explain. But translate. UUUfffff. My brain is so tired. Already I have caught myself in the blank stare of my real mom as I try to ask her questions in spanish on accident. Which she usually responds to with a laugh. ;-)

And as for my host family, it couldn't be more amazing. They brought us to our "house" that is being loaned to us by a rotarian. They bought us water. The made us a delicious breakfast this morning with fresh bread, ham, and cheese. They literally have "hit it off" with my parents. Yes, my mom's laugh and joking personality has proven that it TRANSCENDS language barriers. ;-)

Today my family and I took off to go on the same tour I took when I got to Lima. A trip to Cerro San Cristobal to be able to look over Lima and see how large it really is. It was a special feeling to take them around translating and pointing out to them some of my hidden treasures. One of which being one of the best restaurants in Peru where I know the owner from running at the track. We not only ate the best Lomo Saltado (meat, onions, rice, tomatoes, peruvian sauces... all sauteed like a stir fry), but my friend gave us all free ice cream afterwards.

Then we ventured through Lima yet again. As we travelled, I explained certain safety precautions like my family shouldn't all pull out their iPhones when we are in a third world country in the middle of a lot of people. I almost fainted when they ACTUALLY did that. Oh well, it's at least better than my mom thinking that the Peruvians WILL speak English if you really believe in them and talk slow enough. haha Priceless.

Then quickly off to the gymnastics arena, back to my host home to eat some cake that I made and watch the video from my first reunion here in Peru, and then back to where we are staying the night.

In the end, my lives are mixing very well. My family is catching me up on all the things I've missed (which is sometimes hard to hear, how much they've change), and I'm catching them up likewise. Athough their may be a language barrier between my families, their is not a barrier between love. Between caring. Between hospitality. And maybe, just maybe, my dad is conquering a bit of the language barrier. I must admit Mr. Grigg, you astounded me today with the Spanish you have learned in such a short time.

Here's some photos... Enjoy! Were going paragliding tomorrow!



Somebody brought me PEANUT BUTTER!;-)

A "fish eye" view overlooking a part of Lima.


Beautiful. The Inka Cola at least. ;-)

People. Meet Peruvian food. Specifically, Causa with avacado.

This isn't Lomo Saltado, but it's what my brother ate and almost equally amazing;-)

Holly and Mom experiencing a COMBI!!!!;-) You try getting 5 gringos in a combi. Just try it. ;-)

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