Friday, January 27, 2012

someone slap me...

IT BEEN 6 MONTHS. I'm flipping out a little bit. I have lived in a foreign country for half a year now. Who would have thought that 6 little months could do so much in a persons life. I feel like I should do something incredible today... and I think I have.

I skyped with Holly as we talked through my 6th month mark... as she driving with the band through California. Here's a pic...
 And here's another one just for fun... Holly posted it on her twitter;-)

Anyways, beyond that... I have painting classes today as well as going to a MegaChurch for a youth group. This church hosted the amazing band Hillsong last year and this year... will be hosting KATY PERRY'S parents!!!!! In whom I am hoping to meet tomorrow. It will be very strange to think that the only gringo's in the building will be me, and Katy Perry's parents. They aren't coming to talk... just to watch... with some friend that goes to the church. And considering they don't speak spanish (and I do)... I don't think it will be too hard to get in to talk with them;-)

We shall see. Anyways, don't know if you guys know but my mom had a bunch of people write in a book for me before I left. Notes, greetings, goodbyes, drawings. You name it. Well, I promised I wouldn't open it until 6th months... and I have been faithful. So tonight, I might be up just a little bit longer ;-) haha.

In the meantime my lovely followers, I want to thank you for sticking in there with me these 6 months. It has definitely been a fun ride for me and I hope for you as well. Tomorrow begins the 2nd half of my exchange. What lies ahead, I have no idea. But I hope you will all continue on the journey with me. I have appreciated you comments, support, and prayers.

Even Holly has noticed how much support has gone out for me. Concluding in her conversation with me that more people read my blog than hers. ;-) haha I highly doubt that, but to make her feel just a welcome... here's her Love you Holly. Can't wait to show you all around.



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  1. LUKE, It was so crazy! I wanted to share a funny little thing. Amy Jones and I were talking (at her surprise 40th bday and at your families house at crescent bar) and I was saying my heart is already feeling bad for you because I knew India should be leaving anytime. So Amy got on your blog while we were talking and it was the the blog about her leaving. It was so weird how heavy my heart was for you and I kept praying for you, then to find out it was that day. After reading your blogs at the very beginning I shared with several people including your dad that Luke is going to have a hard time when that India girl leaves. I could so since your connection.
    I am so happy for you having your parents and Holly coming I am so jealous(in a good way). I told your mom that I think Holly might need my help in that trip, LOL! I wish! Your trip has sounded so AMAZING!!!
    So happy to hear your first host dad and you are doing better, PRAISE GOD!!!
    May your next 6 months be as much of a blessing as your 1st 6 months. I am so happy for you and THANKS for continuing to blog for us.