Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meeting Katy Perry's Dad...

If you've ever been generally near a radio the past couple years, or had any connection with electronics whatsoever, you may be familiar with the Pop Superstar named Katy Perry. Yes, I'm certain you have heard of her haha. Anyways, I met her dad tonight.

Through a friend of my mom, I was able to go a watch him preach at a church (basically a Spanish replica of Hillsong) close to my house. It was... interesting. To say the least, the music was incredible at the church. The speaking, well, I'll just say I don't understand a sermon that doesn't include a single reference to the Bible. A sermon that referred more to non-christian popstar and the ways she thinks than the ways God thinks. But anyways, nonetheless, Mr. Perry, real name Kieth Hudson, was there. And not only was he there, but I was there... happening to be the only gringo in the building. A perfect opportunity.

I started by speaking to the pastor. The conversation obviously shifted towards holly's music and me handing him a c.d. Before I knew it, Mr Perry was at our side asking me questions which led to him finding out we have mutual friends. Holly's manager is Jaci Valasquez's mom (also a christian/latin superstar). The whole thing ended with the pastor taking the c.d. and Mr. Perry giving me a good 'ole white man handshake and telling me to say hello to his friends for him.

I'm shooting more for charming his wife tomorrow. And by charming, I mean, trying to warm her up to Holly's music more ;-) haha. They will both be at the church tomorrow. I keep telling myself if my mom were here, she'd be taking them out to dinner within 5 seconds of meeting them haha. Nonetheless, God has placed me here and if a door will open, He will be the one doing it.

Anyways, finished the night getting to know a very cool church that is very excited in the possibility of having Holly sing there... following bands such as Hillsong and Leeland who just came this past June. How strange.

Anyways, in the end, the experience was very... strange but entirely awesome. One thing he did continue to push thought was praying for Katy Perry. With her divorce and everything falling apart, God is breaking down some wall in her life, and she will have to fill them with something. Lets just hope it is Christ. ;-)

ALSO! I read through my entire book last night. All the notes from all my friends and family wishing me well at my 6 month mark in peru. It really was special. Considering I read through the entire thing like 3 times until I fell asleep at like 3 in the morning. I just want to thank you all. I know we may not talk. I know we may not write. But I am still be affected and supported by you guys even when you don't know it. I hope you would feel the same from me. All I have to say, I will treasure those notes forever as I will treasure my friendships with each of you all forever. Thank you all for caring so much.



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