Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sing. sing. sing.

Wrote a song the other day. Thinking about putting it in my next video, but I'm not really sure. So here's some things going on in my life right now.

1) My parents are COMING with HOLLY from February 20-March 3. I stayed up last night till 3 am figuring out their trip. It's going to be so awesome. That's like less than a month away;-)

2) Gave Holly's C.D. to my host uncle tonight. Turns out he's a Christian and goes to a MEGA church (20,000 people) here in Peru. So, I think I'm going to church with him on Sunday to see about getting Holly to be able to sing a bit there;-)

3) Went to my Rotary meeting tonight and was the ONLY exchange student there. Very weird. Made me feel like I was at the end of my year and all the exchange students had already left.

4) I continually miss India as do all the exchange students. We recently received the new exchange student, Hedley, from Australia. He's very cool as well. He speak with a way thicker accent then India did and literally didn't even know words like "hola" or "gracias" before he came. Just said their is no Spanish at all where he lives.

5) Super tired. Went to bed at 3, left at 8 for my sound classes, got back at 1230 to eat lunch, went to the track to find probably the hardest workout of the year, and finally got home to take of to my rotary meeting at 9. Now I'm back, and almost collapsing at my computer. ;-) Shows you how dedicated I am to filling you all in. haha.

Still, I am so happy I have been given this opportunity to be down here. I try not to take advantage of the fact that I am always surrounded by beautiful striking buildings. By little kid street vendors who make you want to cry. By the sounds of 9 million people outside my window... but it is hard sometimes. This exchange has been so much more than learning a language, but learning a new way of life. Of learning patience. Love. Understanding. And all the rest of those glorious Fruits of the Spirit.

The lessons are all around you.



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