Sunday, January 22, 2012

dad stop talking!!!!

I decided to ignore telling you guys a dream I had two nights ago because it was so ridiculous... and then I had it again. When you are an exchange students, languages sometimes malfunction in a dream (or sometimes when your awake as well.) That goes to say, I had the pleasure of being swept into a dream last night and the night before of a business meeting. The culprits...

My dad (real) and one of the rotary club members here who happens to be a doctor.

Anyways, it was like a game show almost. As if the two each had rules how to talk. My dad (knowing almost no spanish) was only allowed to speak in my new second language (Spanish). The doctor (knowing almost no english) was pressured to only speak in my native tongue. It was VERY interesting to watch and honestly hilarious. Very strange... so wished it was real. I think my dad managed (in a very thick gringo accent) as much as hello and his name. The other guy just busted up laughing so hard that the dream just eventually ended there.

But in the end I was very proud of how my dad handled the situation... however awkward and impossible it may have been haha.

In other news;-) I went to my host grandma's house today and learned how to make an incredible almond cake. My host grandma has cancer in almost all of her body. She is one of the sweetest lady's ever and makes a toothpick look fat and today while the cake was in the oven... she tottered her way over to turn on the radio and asked me TO DANCE! Definitely a new move right. Dancing with an 89 year old grandma who has cancer. I would definitely say that she had better dance moves than me and i would also go to say that she still has the spirit of someone younger than me;-) It was awesome. Definitely a "crap how could I possibly have left my camera at home" moments;-)

Anyways, the cake turned out great. Oh, went to church today and for the first time felt like I actually knew the words to the songs (instead of just singing them in English). And after my date tonight with the grandma...;-) I got to talk with my sister camille through skype. She always knows how to get me thinking straight again;-) We also talked about when she is coming which almost got me so excited that I almost threw my computer. Almost.

Anyways, today is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. So happy new years!!!!



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