Sunday, January 15, 2012

running to the sun.

just got back from an intense 3 day pole-vault camp... ON THE BEACH!!! incredibly amazing, filled with waking up early to run, sitting and doing Yoga (very new to me haha) and watching the sunset... and even COOKING! I had the amazing pleasure to cook with Honore and our friend Jessica for the whole team every single meal during the weekend. 

Pictures to come... when i rob them from Honore.

But it was incredible. I felt so independent. I felt so at peace. Just think of like any super famous beach in L.A. or Florida subtract the people and boat... and you have where i was at the last three days. Looking into the sunset at fishermen in their paddle boats and digging my toes into the sand after a long hot run... as if life were so simple again. Made me feel like i was in some exotic country like greece. But then I realized i was in some exotic county... Peru. ;-) I hope to take my parents there... it was literally life changing.

Speaking of parents... They now have there date to come!!! The end of family will be my first time seeing them after 7 months. The only problem is...

They are coming without Holly. ;-(

As of right now, my jaw is still on the floor and I am still stuck thinking on my bed about it. Holly says it's not for sure right now, and I hope so... but we will see.  The problem is, is when your sister is so freaking awesome like mine, she has to tour to keep that awesomeness up.. and her schedule just wouldn't allow it. Not her fault, I know she would do anything to come. Just life. So hard, thinking your best friend is coming after so many days. Thinking of all the places you were going to take her. Remembering all the favorite foods that she would love. Telling all your friends about her ALL THE TIME so that they will feel like they know her already when she comes. But I guess we will just have to save that for some other time.

I'm just gonna settle with praying. That her tour could swing to the south a bit more. And for now,. I'm gonna go back to thinking about the incredible experience I had this weekend. About all that I have learned. And rejoice with the facts that... MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to show them EVERYTHING!;-)



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