Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yup... I cried.

India left today.

She took of at 11:45 from the airport. I've spent the last 3 days only with her and making her video (30 minutes long of her time here in Peru;-) so that's why I haven't written in a while. Didn't even sleep last night so I could get it done, and in turn, drank a red bull (those are incredible). Never knew... haha.

Anyways, today I just kinda hung out with her at her house for her last few hours here in Peru. We skyped her mom, we skyped my mom... it was incredibly awesome. She is definitely way better of a friend than I deserve. Just knows how to enjoy life... every moment. We talk about how incredible India is all the time. She helps everyone, loves everyone, and judges no one.

Anyways... it was hard. We fit 8 exchange students into a van and rushed to the airport to see her. We talked for about an hour in the cafeteria and the time went by really fast. Soon it was time for her to leave and as we finished with all the millions of fotos... the tears came. Seriously, like never before. More than when my grandpa died, more than when I had to say goodbye to my family in the U.S. (okay, not quite, I cried really hard when I left Holly.) But yah, it was definitely weird. All of the exchange students were sad, but I was bawling.

It really made me realize how much exchange students really are connected... we are like brothers. And that showed up even more when my friends gathered around to give ME hugs because I was crying. Just can't really express the love we have between each other. And I definitely can't describe how it will be to say goodbye to them after 6 more months. Definitely WILL BE the HARDEST thing I will ever do... like a bomb waiting to go off. Wow. Can't even think about it.

Here's some pics from the airport tonight...

 Aurelie (Big Mama and I)
 Hanging while India checks her bags. ;-)
 India's sad face.
 And mine.
 India's family.
 Some friends.
 Adele and India.
 India's  Blazer.

 Everybody who went to see her.
 Everyone in her family.

And forgot to tell you that yesterday we also had a going away party for india as well;-)
 India and me waiting for the guests to arrive after packing her bags all day.
 Nina (nino) showing how to make a balloon bear.
 Sneaking a foto with India.
 The exchange students with India.
 :-( :-(

And here's two fotos from hanging at India's house around her pool all day. ;-) it was great.
 She really tried to ride that;-)
 The dolphin decided to eat India;-)
Eating Bembos (like McDonald but a billion times better and healthier;-)



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