Wednesday, January 18, 2012

skyping the world.

I've had a few very unique skyping opportunities these last few days. One of the includes skyping my good friend stephanie (from Wenatchee) who is in Ecuador on her exchange...presented here...
between our battles with the internet and struggling to find out our futures... we managed to skype for a mere 2 HOURS STRAIGHT! That time just flew bye haha. I really enjoyed talking. Haven't talked with her since I was in the Abby's Pizza parking lot back in the U.S. Very cool. I even managed to get a little freaked out by recognizing her Ecuadorian accent. Saying things like "carrrshro" instead of "carro" meaning car. It was quite hilarious and kept me laughing throughout the conversation. ;-) Hoping to see her sometime soon.

Then it went on to talking with one of my best friends Ashley back in the U.S. But along with her came like 8 other friends. Quite a surprise. Including the best surprise of all... speaking with my friend Kim (from Germany) who returned to the U.S. for a bit. Now when she yells at me in German, I can give her the equal feeling of yelling back in Spanish;-) So I got to talk for a bit with them and during it all everyone wanted to hear me speaking my new language... and I was more than happy to show them (and watch Ashley almost fall over when she realized I really could speak it;-) Here's a pic...

And finally, finished it off this week calling Australia... talking with India about our plans for how I'm going to visit her hopefully very soon. She told me how great it is to speak spanish in a place where there are no spanish speakers because then EVERYBODY wants to hear what spanish sounds like.  I doubt I'll be getting that same reaction when I go to Quincy haha;-) 
 This would be my entire host family watching as India shows us around her australian mansion ;-) haha

This is India showing me her Jimbay... that she's never played ;-)

All in all, learned a lot this week. Awkwardly my 1st host dad, the president, "sang" to me as I was leaving our rotary meeting tonight saying... "Luke de mi corazon!!!!" (literally, luke from my heart). Which was a very strange and weird compliment after all we have been through. But I'm just glad our relationship is back to normal. Where is should be. ;-)

Anyways, Getting more and more excited for my parents to come. Can't stop thinking everywhere I go... "I'm bringing mom and dad back here." But for right now, just trying to keep myself in the Here and Now. 

Oh, and started Sound Board clases at my church today. They were incredible. Definitely positive that by the time I go back to the U.S. I will be able to dominate the Holly Starr soundboard;-)



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