Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm getting married?

Evidently I should be getting married here pretty soon....;-)

So I went to the wedding of my host sister Claudia today (first host family). Super awkward seeing Henry again. I'm going to go over to his house pretty soon to talk things through I think.

Anyways, the wedding was super cool. Wasn't super Peruvian considering it wasn't a Catholic wedding (due to the groom being from the U.S. and non-Catholic haha). But nonetheless it was a wedding in Peru. And thank the Lord that there was "bad" weather today. Instead of being super hot and sticky like every day of the summer... I was actually managing to wear a long sleeve shirt and tie underneath the gray sky and NOT sweat;-)

The reason I will be getting married soon is I took the pleasure of catching the "flower" thrown by the groom. Considering I'm about two heads taller than all of the guys here and that I was in the front, I'd say it wasn't all that difficult. Plus, nobody really tried haha... Peruvian men seem a little held back towards getting married. Regular marrying age here is around 28.

So basically, here's just a bunch of photos for y'all. Hope you enjoy!

 My 1st family.

Claudia and I;-)



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