Saturday, January 21, 2012

beaching it;-)

so got back from the beach... again. I love peru. Go to the beach in the morning, run, swim, WATCH A SURF CONTEST, and come back to Lima by 2 in the afternoon to still have time with friends. I'd say it's  pretty much the best thing ever;-) But like I was saying... we went to the beach. For our training today we had to run up the SAND dune literally 20 times. It was incredible. Well, at least it was incredible after it was over. ;-)

By the time it was over, my sun tan mixed with sweat mixed with pounds of sand all combined to turn me into one very black man;-) I felt pretty good about that. Then we went, did a bajillion water exercises as I continually got pummeled by gigantic waves. Then I felt really stupid as I looked up from getting shoved down by a wave only to see 2 like 70 year old women gracefully taking on the ocean as well. Talk about a bit embarrassing. But hey, I'm a gringo... everything I do is embarrassing. ;-) The beach is called San Bartolo... and definitely a must see spot if you come to Peru. Here's some photos;-)

 Beautiful San Bartolo... or at least part of it.
 My house will probably look something like this one day haha.
 Little chinese dude fishing with just a long string... that was literally all. Don't know how he did it but He was successful. Beyond that, literally, are the professional fishermen in their wooden boats;-)
 More fisherman...
 My buddies. After we got done training. (Me, Jeka, Luis... order obvious;-)
 Me being ridiculous sportin my American Flag Swim trunks;-)
 Respect the Locals;-) thought it was cool.
Just a great random pic of my friends showing their Holly Starr pride;-)



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