Thursday, December 22, 2011


wow I'm exhausted.

so i just got back from my "prom" this morning... at 8 a.m. It was a bit ridiculous. ;-) The prom was held in a casino in La Molina (where I used to live) in a casino. I went with Aurelie (big mama). I was rather surprised, at most proms there is open bar and everyone almost gets completely wasted... but here, there was no bar, no alcohol, nothing. Just a dance floor and a giant pool behind the building. ;-)

We danced about 6 hours in total, realizing that I have DEFINITELY became a salsa dancer in peru. We had a dinner of chicken and rice (how original). Big mama and I had to speak in front of everybody. It was actually really nice. I got a chance to thank everybody and as well tell the Peruvian girls how pretty they all looked ;-)

At the dance I realized how much I really did appreciate my class. I realized how attached to them I was. I guess in a way, we were all there to just have fun. And they stunned me how they had decided they could do that without alcohol (very rare for peru). Although, I don't think the lack of alcohol kept some peruvians from thinking I was drunk.

ahh, come on, you guys know how I am. And if you know my mom at all you know exactly what I'm talking about. We just, like to get excited about the small things haha... really excited ;-) haha

Anyways it was great. Afterwards my group went to a friends house (victoria) for a sleepover... which turned in to more of a "let's talk about our lives" session. And when I say sleep over I mean everyone on the wood floor with a blanket;-) So weird that I can even talk in spanish now normally when I can't even manage to keep my eyes open. So yah we talked and talked. Managed to fall asleep at the very end, and woke up 2 hours later.

It was great. When I got home, I said hi to my family and caved. I was dead face flat on my bed until 3. When I woke up at 3 i realized that was the time my polevault practice started that day. My american-side kicked in and I started to freak. But the I realized I was in Peru... took my time... ate lunch... left at 430 and we started practice at 5;-) What a day. Now I'm back, ate barbeque pizza with honore tonight and then watched a movie.

Anyways, I'm sure this blog is really poorly written so im gonna stop and go to bed. Love you guys. Merry Christmas!!!



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