Monday, December 19, 2011


we're back! the camping trip was great... but I wouldn't so much call it camping haha. Yes we had sleeping bags and yes there was campfire and songs... but the whole thing was on a giant country club. :-) haha Pools. Tennis Courts. Restaurants. Soccer stadiums.;-) It was like being in Beverley Hills almost (hills and all;-) Reminded me a lot of palm springs. ;-) Here's some photos. ;-)

One of the cabins;-)

Food!;-) incredible. Ceviche. Chaufa. Fried fish and squid. ;-)

Took this pic by the pool.

Sat there long enough to take this one too;-)

Honore and I had a "lets be kids for 2 hours" moment.. or i guess that would be more than a moment. ;-)

Finding a waterfall that you could walk behind.

I don't know why this pic is still sideways... i keep changing it haha;-)

My family trying to take a pic with everyones eyes open... i think this was like the 5th try haha;-) fail.

The pool;-)

so yah, camp was amazing... I graduate today. So weird.

Oh my gosh, forgot to talk about the earthquake last night!!! So, i experienced my first real earthquake. Like i've been in earthquakes that make ripples in my milk and stuff, but this one actually did stuff. I woke up and my whole room was shaking as if it were in a big dryer.

I couldn't really fathom what was happening. I heard my host mom run down the hall saying something, but I was still half asleep and totally confused that I wasn't listening. After about 10 seconds the world stopped moving again and everything went back to normal. In the end I decided it must have been a dream (and went back to sleep;-)

It wasn't till this morning when I woke up and my glasses were on the floor on the other side of the room that I realized that what happened really did happen. Wow it was cool. But don't worry, everybody is okay. The world here doesn't realized that if this happened where I was from... people would be freaking out for days.

In Peru, anything is possible haha;-)



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