Sunday, December 25, 2011

wasn't expecting that.

first real cry in peru. I've done incredible up to this point. didn't cry when I left. didn't cry when I got here. and haven't cried for five months.

Until now.

Skyped with my family tonight. Not that it wasn't great or anything. Just a bit of a miscommunication. When mom said my entire family (on my dad and moms side) was getting together for christmas... I assumed Christmas day. So when I got on skype last night to talk to them about today, all I saw was my sisters face in the back of our car driving home from the enormous christmas party.

I'd missed it.

Definitely the only time during the year that everyone will be together... I just have to keep telling myself that maybe it was for the better.

In the end my I got to get some French lessons from my grandma who was in the car with my sister. Got to open a few of my gifts with my family watching that they sent me. Like a new FLIP camera. So now I can make even better movies for you guys. (sry I've been slacking on that... obviously you can see my new family is so amazing I just haven't had much time to blog;-) I'd say that's a good thing;-)

Anyways, felt so blessed. Camille showed up to say hello and talk to my family in Spanish. And then I got so excited I just had to speak to her in Spanish and let her translate to my family. They just looked so perfect. Holly looked tremendously skinny, in a good way ;-) My mom looked 10 years younger, if it's even possible for her to get younger. Camille looked beautiful and just made me mad that she wasn't her with me speaking spanish all the time haha. Grandma Starr made me feel exactly how much I am loved, while she almost was crying with me (she also looked 10 years younger-must be an african thing haha;-) My brother clark looked so grown up and ready. I really miss that guy. And Dad... dad, was actually wearing a christmas sweater. Which I think is unheard of for a small town farmer. But hey, it actually looked good on him;-) I guess having a daughter as a rock star does things to you;-)

In the end it was a beautiful skype. A beautiful start to an amazing christmas. As fireworks were going on outside my window and I said goodbye... I could definitely say that the best christmas present I have ever received, was my family. I would give anything for the ones who make funny faces and sounds with me over skype. I would give anything for the ones who teach me french to cheer me up while i'm crying in a different country. I would give anything for the ones who sit and watch me open presents on a computer.

And as I said my goodbyes to them and was sucked back into my reality... my family here was here for me too. We went outside. Lit fightworks. We ate an amazing dinner at 1 o'clock in the morning. We had a toast with my 82 year old grandma haha who calls me her little handsome boy. :-) We opened presents until 4 o'clock in the morning!!! My family here really made me feel exactly that. Like part of the family.

And that is all I wanted from this exchange. ;-)

Gracias a mi familia Melendez por hacerme parte de su familia. Siempre los tendre en mi corazon porque ahora somos familia. Somos juntos. Somos Peruanos. Yo siento como un hijo suyo y ustedes sienten como mi familia. Nunca puedo agredecerles por todo que han hecho para mi. Gracias y Feliz Navidad. Los Quiero con todo mi corazon.



My amazing family.

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  1. You made me tear up Luke! My heart ached for you on Christmas, you are SO LOVED LUKE! I am glad your new family is blessing you and I know your family bless you:) Praise God for you LUKE! Are you half way yet?