Saturday, December 17, 2011


I’ve been greatly impressed by some of my friends on this exchange. Their abilities at such a young age. Some of them 16 and doing things I never would have thought of at that age. But I guess I’m equally surprised by the older ones. I guess this all just comes from sitting and talking with Honore last night.
We went to a Christmas play at my church but were unexpectedly 1 hour early. (which actually means we were 2 hours early in Peruvian time;-) So, we sat in the church café and just talked about life for a bit. It so weird how being an exchange student automatically makes you siblings with the other exchange students. There’s times where we get super mad at eachother, times when we only hang out with certain ones, times where the last thing we want to do is hear another fight about Canada and the U.S.;-) But like Honore said, in the end, we are just like a family and seems like life without them would be impossible.
My exchange friends have been there for me through it all. They know everything because they are the only ones who can. They are the only ones who understand. I’m sure Honores ears are bleeding from all the talking I’ve done with her about my exchange. The good. The bad. And the food. ;-)
I guess this post is all about how thankful I am for them. The fact that we all believe COMPLETELY different things… but no one cares. No one judges.

We are an exchange family.

I wish you all could meet Honore. I told her last night that all you all in Quincy would love to meet her. And quite honestly, I think she might be a little intrigued to see our small little town ;-) haha.

Our family is going camping this weekend. Honore and I are going to speak at the camp about our exchange. So wish us luck. Merry Christmas everybody.

Appreciate your family.



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