Tuesday, December 13, 2011

jack fell down...

went to see Puss and Boots (in spanish;-) with my friend from the track (luis and jessica) along with my sister Carolina a few days ago. It was surprisingly better than I thought it would be. Although the entire movie i was expecting Shrek to pop up in the background. But instead of shreck, the movie left me nostalgically thinking about my past. Considering the movie introduced Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill. ;-)

Anyways, as for today, I had my first (second) graduation practice;-) It was very strange. Oddly enough, i almost started to cry with my classmates as the professors gave their "last word." It was a very emotional time and made me think a lot about when I graduated. (So when I got home I went straight to my room to look through two annuals I have from Quincy;-)

After that went to eat with my Jessica (jeka) and luis (pajaron) from the track. At a chifa (basically a chinese restaurant mixed with a peruvian one... and the best idea ever;-)

So after engorging ourselves... we went to the track, rested on the pole vault mats for an hour, and then started one of the longest workouts I have ever done. And already I am amazingly sore. ;-( haha

Other than that, today was one of those really hard days. A days when somehow everyone seems to be on the same channel, which would be the channel of telling you how bad your spanish is. Most of them were saying it as a joke, but when almost every single person you meet in one day tells you it... it begins to stick.

Being an exchange student is really hard sometimes. Always being compared to others. Always not completely understanding what people are saying. Always being told you have an accent. Always feeling like maybe it would be easier to just not talk at all. Always having people laughing at how you say certain words...

I've learned so much perseverance these past few months. But not only that... learned how to have joy through the perseverance. It's like that quote... I don't want to just survive, I want to live. I think it's funny when my friends make fun of me here for my accent all day long, but I know that if i said one thing about theirs in english, they would die in an instant. It really isn't all that fair.

But ya, I guess it all leads back to the golden rule. Just let things go. God doesnt mean for you to look at all you have done wrong. He means for you to look at all he has done right in you and for you.

Constantly choose joy my friends.

Don't choose to just survive the circumstance. Embrace it. Accept it. Find a way to enjoy it. And move on. :-)




  1. I love the way you are putting your experiences into a different perspective! It is very encouraging! Keep it up I am praying for you and I'm sure that your Spanish is awesome :)