Sunday, November 20, 2011

my new church.

Copy the link if you want to see where I've been going the last few weeks. Well, actually, I go to a satellite of this church (where the pastor is like skyped in) haha but I've been to this one too. ;-)

Every time I go to this church I feel like I am in a Bible college. The people have such a knowledge it just BLOWS me away. It's literally like anyone in the whole church could be the pastor. I'm serious. I feel like I don't know anything about the Bible when I go there. But it's really exciting because it's causing me to study and go a lot deeper into the Word.

Like today I went to the adult bible study before the actual church service. It was amazing. Since the church (satellite) is just starting up, they are starting like a basic overview of the bible (but trust me, it is far deeper than basic, I would even venture to say the word deep doesn't even cover it.) Besides the actual message, facts like this grabbed my attention...

Did you know the bible was written in 3 languages? (Hebrew, Aramaic, and (Koine) Greek). Hebrew = most of the old testament. Aramaic = parts of the old testament. (Koine) Greek = the entire new testament. Koine considered to be one of the languages most perfect in the world.

Did you know that of the 40 authors Luke was the only one that wasn't Jewish. (He was Greek)

Did you know that the entire bible took 1,600 years to write?

Did you know that many believe that Job was the first book ever written (1500 B.C.)

Did you know that there really were many many more books written for the Bible. The books we now a part of what they call the biblical canon. (Canonical Books.) These books were chosen by religious leaders from the time past and are considered to be the books of which were inspired by God, and not by man.

Lets just say I am extremely excited for this year with my new church. I just wish I could be going to the church everyday instead of (skipping) colegio. ;-) haha Oh and guess what?... Today the pastor said they are starting a missionary linguistic course every sunday night in the church. Like a course to help people linguistically (i think it includes learning latin) so if/when the become missionaries, it will be easier to learn the language. I'M DEFINITELY TAKING THAT COURSE. Did I not say I wanted to learn 5 languages? haha

Anyways, for tonight I went to a friends house to make C.C. Cookies. It was great... until we had to cook them. Evidently the family had never used the oven that they had. I tried to bake the cookies but since the temperature knob looked more like that of a car air-conditioning knob (literally, warm... hot... and very hot were the options) let's just say I ended up with many cookies that were burnt to a crisp on the bottom but entirely liquidy on top. So, I walked 6 blocks back to my house with cookie dough in a plastic sack so I could bake the cookies in my house.

I'd say that that's an experience to remember. ;-)



P.S. just to put in your mind. I'm going to go help poor children this christmas. Children that don't even know christmas exists. So, later on I will be posting about how you can donate if you would like to help. Honestly, this is going to be the best christmas I have ever had... I just want to make it the best one they have ever had as well... since it is their only one. If nothing else, pray about it. I'll be posting more later on this week. Thanks for everything.

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