Thursday, November 17, 2011

christmas time is here... snowflakes everywhere... or not.

Did you know that Peru doesn't have Thanksgiving Day? Crazy Huh. Haha okay that's definitely a joke but ya, so weird. I never realized that Thanksgiving not only acts as an amazing holiday... but more importantly a barrier holding the decoration period of christmas back.

I say this because. Here in Peru the Christmas decorations have already been up for half a month. Giant trees in the mall. Christmas cards lining the grocery store walls. Miniture santas falling from the roofs of houses. Its all a little soon for me.

But nevertheless, it's coming. It's coming fast... and unfortunately without snow. It's hard to hear that it is 26 degrees in Quincy right now when it is hot enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt here in Peru. Definitely won't be making any snow angels this year.

Talked with Holly and Camille tonight for quite some time. Camille and I prepared our time talking about Peru, and when she is going to come how much fun it will be. We talked about grammatical nightmares that I am having in spanish.

Holly on the other hand. Well lets just say most of our time was filled making funny faces into the computer screen. Yup. That was about all. Considering every time either of us decided we actually wanted to talk the connection would break. (She's driving through a mountain pass at this very moment.)

Needless to say, I love both of them in very different ways. But I think that's evident enough. ;-) haha

I spoke at the rotary meeting the other night. The Rotary Governor was there. I read him something I wrote in my 3rd week here...

Mi Sueño
Por: Luke Grigg

A la primera vez, Perú tenia mi corazon. Tan pronto que ví a mi nueva mamá y familia en el aeropuerto, yo sabia que estaba en casa. Desde ese tiempo, yo he hecho amigos, probado comidas increibles, y caído en amar con una nueva país.
Este año, ahora que Perú me ha acogido dentro de su Corazon, yo lo quiero invitar dentro del mío. Yo quiero aprender la historia, el idioma, y toda la cultura. Yo quiero hacer amigos para siempre con Peruanos. Yo quiero perderme en este paíz.
Espero a ayudar todos aquí. Los pobres. Los ricos. Ellos sin casas. Mis amigos. Los intercambistas. Yo quiero aprender todo lo que pueda y luego regresar a mi otro paíz para decir a otras personas de la vida que yo encontré en Perú.

(and in english)
From the start, Peru had my heart. As soon as I saw my new mom and family en the airport, I knew that I was home. From that time, I have made friends, tried incredible foods, and fallen in love with a new country.
This year, now that Peru has welcomed me into its heart, I want to invite it into mine. I want to learn the history, the language, and all the culture. I want to make friend that will last a lifetime with Peruvians. I want to loose myself in this country.
I hope to help everyone here. The poor. The rich. The homeless. My friends. The exchange students. I want to learn everything that I can and later return to my other country to be able to tell other people of the life that I found in Peru.

Anyways, so I read that to him and he basically asked me if he could put it in like the national newsletter or something. I felt very honored and quite stunned to say the least. I mean it's like 12 sentences. Why would he even want that. I have know idea.

God's been teaching me about this a lot. Stop trying to think that you have to DO big things for God. Be honest. Do your best. Love the Lord you God with ALL your heart... In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines His steps. Sometimes, God may ask you for the small thing... not the big one. Sometimes, he will ask you to humble yourself in the times when you least want to. Sometimes, he will lead you down a road that you think is the farthest thing from where you need to be...

Please. We can't think we know better. Trust. And the Lord will take you to a place of joy, a place of happiness, a life of simply life.

Love you guys. I'm so encourage by so many of you.



P.S. Will someone please eat some stuffing for me this Thanksgivng ;-) Thank you! Haha

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  1. Not exactly on topic, BUT: It made me so happy when I read your letter in Spanish and understood it all! The problem is, I cannot speak Spanish anymore. Honestly. I try and half of it comes out in German! Thanks for everything you share on your blog. :)