Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Don't you just want to know why this post is titled Argentina? ;-) Well guess who got asked by his pole vault coach to go vault in Argentina with the team in March...

THIS GUY! ;-) (that would be me haha)

Ya crazy huh? So, as you probably know I've been going to the track (and will be going a lot more considering my new house is 2 blocks from the track) to polevault. Well, my coach feels like it would be an awesome experience for me to be able to represent Peru and vault in a National Cup in Argetina. ;-) I'm soo crossing my fingers that this all pulls through. (and definitely praying about it too;-) haha

God has just blessed me so much down here in Peru it is hard to explain it all...

Yah, anyways I talked with Holly and mom on skype last night (while mom was DRIVING! in Downtown Nashiville.) If you didn't know, yesterday was Holly's Birthday, and considering she is definitely one of the most amazing people I know, you should probably say happy birthday to her if you forgot. ;-) haha just kidding. She
"loves you anyway." haha okay, probably took that too far, but I just love being able to say that. But seriously, she really does. ;-)

It's weird, if you didn't know Holly can sing you I love you anyway in Spanish... so considering that I know spanish, I asked her to sing it to me. So weird going from the side of listening to something that you didn't understand a word of three months earlier. haha. The chorus goes like this...

"Te amo de todas maneras."

So, when she told me it, I not only got to here my sister speaking in Spanish, I got to realize how much I have learned down here in Peru. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

Love you Holly. Miss you.



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