Thursday, December 1, 2011

simple things.

sat at the breakfast table with my host mom today. I started talking with her about life and about our house (it's like 70 years old and still running well... well, besides the shower haha;-). I started asking questions about the house and stuff...

The conversation led to an amazing/sad story. She started talking to me about her parents. She told me how about 13 years ago her mom began to take on Alzheimer's disease. She told me how it started with not remembering where she put her keys, to ending ten years later with her not remembering anyone, not being able to even walk or bathe herself.

It gave me such pain to hear that. To wonder how a person could even handle a situation like that. But yet, she told me the same thing. She had no idea how to handle it. She'd heard stories... but never thought it would happen to her mother. To her best friend.

She told me how it hurt her dad so badly that his wife couldn't differentiate his face from a strangers that her dad could hardly handle it, losing his life to a heart attack 5 years in. My host mom told me of the things she had to give up all to help her mother. How she couldn't fathom the thought of putting her mom in a "home."

The end of the story ended with my mom's mom dying of a heart attack, and my mom trying to hold back tears at the table. I gave her a hug and told her "God bless you." I wasn't sure what more I could do. This women has soo much love in her heart. She did so much. Wow. I can't even begin to describe all the emotions that run through my brain.

I guess the biggest would be thankfulness. Thankfulness that God still see me and love me just like my host mom loved her mom, even though I often "forget" God and barely recognize him in front of whatever other thing i do... I'm just speechless. I am a child of God. Whether I forget Him or not, He will still love me. If I never call on His name again, He will still be waiting for me. But as much as my host mom would love for her mom to just have recognized her face, to just be able to function, and live... how much more do you think God wants us to recognize His face.

Don't forget Him... while you still have the breath to praise Him.



P.S. Giovanna (Mama) you have so much love in your heart. Thank God there are people like you who don't give up. Who learn that love is not a feeling...

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