Tuesday, November 29, 2011

here i am.

I have now officially made my first house change. ;-) After arriving 2 hours late with my 1st host dad and sitting and talking about the history of peru with him and my new host dad for about an hour, I started to move in. ;-)

I didn't really realize how much my new family was doing for me.

1) Honore had to give up here room. Not entirely, but half of it. Since we are 2 exchange students living in the same house for a few weeks, we are making do by sharing a room. It might seem inappropriate to some of you out there but trust me, Honore is very very respectful, we are in Peru where you just have to do things like this sometimes, and we are on opposite sides of the room.

2) My family had to get another bed so I could have a bed to sleep in. Since every peruvian thinks you will get sick if you sleep on the couch, my family brought a bed across two neighborhoods from their aunt's house tonight with me.

3) Did I tell you they are hosting 2 exchange students.

4) My family is hosting me even though I (and this family) will be moving to another part of Lima in February. My host parents are demolishing this house and building apartments here to rent out.

Literally, I sat down at the table tonight with my new family and we just talked about life. They helped me with some of my spanish (in a loving way) and my host mom kept telling me how she just wanted me to feel part of the family. In every way. She wants me to tell her everything. She wants to help me in every way.

It's funny, you know how a dog that has been malnourished is very timid in approaching food when it is finally offered to him... thats kind of what I felt like tonight. Like i was finally being offered that food. Finally being offered a chance. I know this is soon to say, but I love this family.

If you didn't know I am staying with the Melendez family. My journey with them began almost a year ago. Carolina (my host sister) was in canada as an exchange student and ever since I have wanted to stay in her house. So, here I am... as happy as I could possibly be.

I will absolutely miss my first host family, no matter how it might have went with them. In all, they were my first. They were the ones who got me going in the exchange. They were the ones to hold my hand when I didn't even understand why the were holding it. (ex. walking through downtown lima and not knowing that my mom was telling me it was very dangerous) They were the ones to introduce me to this beautiful country.

But every family has its flicks in flaws. I had great moments in that house, and I had moments where I wanted to cry and just yell at somebody for how bad i was hurt. But in the end, I learned a ton. In the end, you really can never complain where you at. Because you are always improving something. In the times they were mad at me for no reason... perseverance. In the times where no one wanted to talk to me... Studying. In the times when no one told me they were sorry... forgiveness. In the times I just wanted to be left alone... selflessness. In the times when I was tired not only physically but mentally and we had reunions yet to go to... hard work.

In reality, I learned A LOT in that house. And I am thankful. I love that family and always will. But for now, I literally couldn't be happier writing to you from the Melendez house.

If you are feeling like complaining in the situation you are in... look at it from a different perspective, and you will see that truthfully, you are learning more than you would in any other situation. Trust in the Lord... He knows what He's doing.



A photo of my new room:-)


  1. once again, I definitely needed everything you said right now. :) you always seem to write exactly what I need at exactly the right time. :) thank you for that!

  2. Luke you so inspire me. Way to go, I am sorry to hear they treated my friend like that. God will truly bless you for keeping your chin up!!