Sunday, October 16, 2011

SURPRISE! (moneybags and salsa!)

yeah, so today I went to this really legit part of lima. Don't remember what it was called, but basically is definitely the place where if I was going to get robbed, I would have. But I didn't haha so you have nothing to worry;-) I went with roy and nina to buy a hiking backpack for Machu Pichu. I went thinking I'd be spending around 100-150 dollars on a backpack. Seemed pretty reasonable. But how about 40 dollars? haha
Turns out roy knew a place where they sell things that where "excused" from their original owners. Don't worry, it's like this in many places in Lima. Yah, so I went, and bought a completely brand new hiking backpack, full out, for 40 dollars. It was more than words could describe.
And I celebrated by buying myself a little flashlight for the trip and some ceviche. ;-) It was great.

Then I finished the day by going to a friends house to hang out. Turns out (I totally knew) that they were throwing a surprise party for me. My birthday is when I'm going to be on my trip to Cusco. I walked in, the lights turned off, the cake came out, and the people started singing. It was soo cool. It's still hasn't hit me that I have real sincere friends here in Peru. It's just so cool.

We ate the cake and it was delicious (minus the fact that it was lacking milk so it was completely dry;-). haha but it was an experience nevertheless. Also they gave me an awesome t-shirt from machu pichu. Probably the only tourist shirt that I would actually where... it's super legit. I'll post a picture later:-) And finally we tried to watch a movie but eventually got bored and decided to dance salsa. Surprisingly, I've learned a lot of salsa in these pasts months and could actually hold my ground. It actually felt like dancing. ;-)

Other than that... life is rather normal. Love my friends. Skyped with my family today in the middle of my sister's (camille's) open house;-) it was great. I got a brief glimpse of almost everyone. I love my family.



This would be camille showing me around her knew house;-)

HOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYY! (With my face as her third eye:-)

Lima!!!!:-) These signs mark every single part of Lima. ;-)

Happy Birthday Luke;-)

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  1. How sweet is that! Good Job Lima family and friends!!! :)