Friday, October 14, 2011

Justin Bieber!!!

Yes, it's true. I happen to be an owner of a Justin Bieber ticket. The teen mega-star is coming to Lima, and I'm going to his concert with the Melendez family. The only question is... Is he going to speak any Spanish? :-/ HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA. I hope so. ;-)

Anyways, todays is CLARK'S birthday!!!!;-) so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARK. I love you.

Further on, I made a million tequenos today with Carolina, Lydia, and Valeria and I ate about 20 of them while drinking drown the homemade guacamole;-) It was soooo good. ;-) We then preceded to watch a movie and talk about difference in lifestyles for about an hour. It was great.

I also got to even sneak some time in to skype my best friend Desi and my brother Clark. Of course... not at the same time. ;-) I had to take advantage of the opportunity to skype considering I wasn't in my house. ;-) It was soooo good to hear their voices. Desi is slowly becoming her new professional hairstylist self... and Clark is making some BIG decisions about the next 2 years in his life. (mission work:-)

Finished the day stuffed in another old combi, (which I love) sitting next to a guy that I think would have been almost my height!! If he would have stood up. Unfortunately, my vision was blurred due to the lady's purse that was trying to shove its way up my nostrils. ;-)

Only things that would happen in Peru. ;-)



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