Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sushi & Chocolate Chips.

Yeah... I'd say today was a great day. ;-)

Got up late, 9:30 and just kinda moped around the house until 1:00. I met India and Miriam (exchange student from Arequipa) at India's University. Then, we headed for the lunch of our lives. Can you believe this-UNLIMITED SUSHI for 40 soles (around $13)!!! Yeah, and this isn't like some walmart packaged sushi. It was completely fresh, and at one of the most elite restaurants in Lima. I felt very special to actually be in a restaurant that had an actual host. ;-) Yah, so we went through our first batch (8 trays of 8 different types of sushi, with each tray containing 10 rolls of sushi) in less than 3 minutes... literally. Granted Andrew and Honore were also there. I'd say that's not bad for only my 2nd time eating sushi.
Then we had another round (8 trays, 8 types of sushi, 10 rolls per tray). Yah, that one went pretty fast too... I'd say 5 minutes.
And for the third round we slowed down (and eventually stopped) by only eating 6 trays. ;-) It was AMMMMMMAAAAAZING! I never realized I would like sushi this much, but I do. I would classify it as one of my favorite meals here in Peru. ;-) And it should considering I alone contributed to eating about 40 rolls. (Andrew almost 50) Here's some pics...

Yup. After a fun "getting lost and finding ourselves in Lima" with Honore, I finally made it home;-) Decided to study a bit of my Spanish. (How great is it to learn a language from a Bible;-) Then I took a nap, woke up, and Vanessa text me from downstairs to make her some chocolate chip cookies... So I did. ;-) I just can't hold back. ;-) And I have to admit, Peru has definitely advanced my abilities to cook. And you know what that means... I WONT BE EATING MCDONALDS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE;-)

Yup. Good day.




  1. OH MY GOSH!! I love hearing that, its like music to my ears. I love to hear people love to cook and having fun with it:) SO EXCITING!! Makes me want to give you a big HUG:) LOL

  2. you have no idea how exciting it is to year you admit to liking sushi!! i told you that you would!! i havent had it since i moved to SC... im definitely having withdrawls! im gonna go with you ate enough for me too ;) thanks for that!