Friday, October 21, 2011


Woke up this morning with 54 happy birthday wishes on my facebook. I was definitely surprised... but the best part was the videos in French from my Grandma Starr. I basically have showed all the exchange students already and they thought it was so cool. (I'll try to put it in my video this week.)
At breakfast Big Mamma and Nino gave me chocolate from belgium and a beautiful note on a napkin (which they are trying to convince me took them three weeks to make:-). But yah, to top it all off, there were fireworks going off outside my window THIS MORNING for some festival or something. I'd say the day has started off well.

Thank you everyone for all your birthday greetings. I really enjoyed seeing them, especially since I'm in another country without my family and whatnot. :-) Today I'm going to eat lots and lots of sweets (like everyday) and I'm going to skype my family... hopefully.

In the end, big mamma is sitting here and wants me to tell you of her beautiful pants she is wearing for the trip today. ;-) they are basically drama teacher pants... you know, the big wavy ones. ;-) She can pull them up over her knees like a hillbilly when she gets hot too. It's fantastic... pictures to come. She is definitely excited about today. ;-)



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  1. So glad to hear your birthday started off so wonderful!! I knew it would:) And on throwing up sorry to hear about that but it will all be worth it in the end! :) Birthday wishes! Love ya