Wednesday, October 26, 2011

and were back...

haha. wow.

I just experienced Machu Pichu. And all I can say is that now I suddenly have a deep urge to run across the world seeing the other 6 world wonders.

I can't believe we are actually back. After 4 days of camping in the middle of nowhere, hiking up and down three mountains, not showering, and using mother earth for my toilet... I can now say I survived the Incan Trail. :-) So excited to show you all the bajillion photos and videos I took of Machu Pichu and of the Trail. ;-) But for now, I'm headed off for another tour in Cuzco. Sorry. See ya then.

Interesting fact: It's pronounced Machu Picchu (machu Peek-chu). If you say it how it's spelled, you're actually saying and old man's penis. So yah, be careful when you say, I want to go see machu pichu. :-) Missed you guys.



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