Wednesday, October 26, 2011

thinking. (Machu Pichu)

Wow. Don't exactly know where to start with all this... but here we go. So. The hike. Turned out to be one of the most challenging/fun things I have ever done. 6 hours the 1st day. 8 hours the second. 11 hours the 3rd. And 2 hours (which turned out to be 30 minutes of running for me) the last day. It is obviously worthless trying to describe to you in words all that I saw these last four days. I could try to tell you about the valleys filled with llamas like as if it were torn out of "The Emperors New Groove." I could try to tell you about the nights we saw how the jagged mountains surrounding us made it look like a sheet of the sky had been ripped off. I could try to tell you what it was like to run for 30 minutes with a 20 pound backpack uphill with two of my best guy friends here in Peru... just to see Machu Pichu before the sun got there (a trail that is normally 2 hours long). I could try to tell you what it was like to see one of the 7 great world wonders... But I can't. I can't tell you how badly I wish you were there with me. To wash your feet in a freezing river every night for 20 minutes so they wouldn't be "as" sore the next day. To climb 3 mountains, when you've never even climbed 1. To look at the stars from the top of a mountain, above the cloud line. To get up at 3 in the morning to wait in line for 1 1/2 hours to get into Machu Pichu. To take over a thousand pictures of yourself (without a shower) in front of the most spectacular backdrops you have ever seen. To see places, touch plants, walk routes, that less people than are in your hometown have ever seen. To pray for no rain, and to get not even a cloud in the sky. To have the earth be your toilet ;-). To spend 4 days with 19 exchange students all speaking a language they just learned. To have your life changed forever... I wish you were there... I'll be making the videos when I return to Lima (in 2 days) so for now, I'll let this get your viewing pleasure started:-) The rays of the sun creeping upon Machu Pichu that few lucky people have the chance to see...
The door to Machu Pichu...
Listening to my favorite music before I go in.... ;-)
Yup. That's all for now folks. I let a little bit more in every day, until the video is done. Not because I'm trying to be all sneaky and creative or anything... it just the internet is incredible slow here in Cusco... but I guess this is a good way to get you to come back ;-) Blessings, Lucas P.S. Life may be hard, like climbing a mountain, and if you turn back it's a whole lot easier... but if you are able to continue, taking it as it comes... you will receive the reward. Don't try to take on a mountain all at once.


  1. Looks INCREDIBLE!!!! i so wish i was there!! I love adventures! :) The PS section at the end is just what I needed today :) There have been so many days here where I just want to turn around and run back home to make life easier.. and that was really encouraging :)

  2. Wooow, que bueno que hayas pasado tantas cosas lindas en cusco!! me alegra mucho saberlo :) vas a tener que contarme la experiencia de pasar tantos dias sin baƱarteee jajajaja, suena divertido ;-D
    te esperamos de regreso en Limaaa!!
    Victoria. (JLo :-)

  3. Looks BEAUTIFUL!! But your PS part was very good for me also! I needed to so hear that and remind me what God is doing in my life is so worth the climb. Thanks Luke for the encouragement from so far:) :)Blessings! I got to see your sister, it was so good to see her.